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  1. Benthedrummer

    No Facebook for a week, and I feel better

    I have never even entertained the idea of having a Facebook account. I absolutely despise social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I have never had any use for them.....I'm now 48 and those social media platforms are more irrelevant to me now than ever before. I...
  2. Benthedrummer

    This Is Why I Cringe When Someone Says They Want To do A Pink Floyd Song

    I reckon Run Like Hell from Pink Floyd would be a killin' song to cover!
  3. Benthedrummer

    Do you have a feeling that you don't have to practice something that you have already mastered?

    I dunno at what point you "master" something. But in terms of my own practice........I find working on the things that I actually use is the best way to go. Working on simple things....that's the real good stuff that a lot of drummers miss out on. A single stroke roll can be played many, many...
  4. Benthedrummer

    Am I the only one who thinks bass drums should be at least 22"?

    20" bass drums have their charms. I wouldn't use one as my primary drum if I only had one kit, but as part of a second bop/practice kit, they are wonderful. Lighter, easier for transporting and with a bit of tweaking they can deliver a nice little punch that can be exciting. I can't get mine...
  5. Benthedrummer

    Good posture

    I think the best example of good posture in terms of drumming is a drumeo video with Sonny Emory. That guy is a total cat. His posture on that video was just fantastic.
  6. Benthedrummer

    What's the most shallow-minded thing you do in regards to playing or owning drums?

    The most shallow things are: 1) I am not inspired nor interested in other drummers and how good/technical they are. No drummer really influences me. I don't like listening to other drummers. 2) I avoid gear like the plague. I own what I need only.
  7. Benthedrummer

    Why do I get so many conservative banner ads here?

    I actually really like the ad banners. I've seen some really cool stuff advertised.
  8. Benthedrummer

    Guitar Center Screw Up is my Come up

    One Fiddy!
  9. Benthedrummer

    Other People in Other Professions who Play Drums

    Billy Bob Thornton is actually a session drummer........isn't he?
  10. Benthedrummer

    Solo thoughts/approaches

    The only "soloing" I do at a gig is twice. 1) when I'm setting up for a show. 2) when I'm packing up after a show. The rest of the band somehow miraculously aren't anywhere to be seen to help me on both of these occasions. Great help guys......thanks a damn bunch!
  11. Benthedrummer

    Off Topic Logo

    Thanks for the tour. Man, your workshop is unbelievable! Such a total man cave. Some really cool tools and equipment 👍 You could build absolutely anything in that shop.
  12. Benthedrummer

    Off Topic Logo

    I love image 9633. Your mitre cuts are just spot on. I love those kinda all-purpose boxes.
  13. Benthedrummer

    Off Topic Logo

    Very clever stuff. I'm still looking forward to seeing some pics of your workshop and some projects.
  14. Benthedrummer

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    You shall love it. You WILL embrace my dancing. It is beyond my control.
  15. Benthedrummer

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    I hereby confirm under decree of my maker.....that this challenge set forth before me has been accepted. I will endeavour to the best of my ability to post a video of myself dancing. The song chosen is...... WANNABE by The Spice Girls. I shall get my partner to record it and upload it to...
  16. Benthedrummer

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    The gauntlet has been thrown down at my feet. The challenge has been announced.
  17. Benthedrummer

    Drummers Can't Dance?

    I am Travolta. I am a swan on the lake of rhythm. I will mesmerise you with my moves. I am the Astaire to my Rogers. I can dance......oh yes, I can dance.
  18. Benthedrummer

    My Most Sincere Apologies to All on DW!

    I think to apologise on a public platform such as a forum shows the measure of a person. It takes a real man to apologise and recognise any fault. That fault may not actually exist, nor any wrong is simply your perspective on your own behaviour. You are a good, decent honourable...
  19. Benthedrummer

    What is your favorite drummer joke?

    This is, without a doubt.......the single best drummer joke I have ever heard.