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  1. Juan Exposito

    My interviews with - SIMON PHILLIPS and LUCAS IVES (drumtechin for Weckl)

    Simon answering my question about Fills and Transitions.
  2. Juan Exposito

    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hello Gavin, I hope your American tour with The Pineapple Thief is going great. In this picture (from that tour) you have a device attached to your cymbal stand, over your monitor mixer. (seen in your Facebook) Is it a sound/synth module, a tablet? What´s the use of it? Thanks Gavin. The picture...
  3. Juan Exposito

    Groove exercise/Challenge - good for coordination and timing

    Hello folks, I made this little video showing some cheap exercise but with great transference to any instrument. Below I post the first part. They are inspired by some concepts learnt from masters like Dave DiCenso, John Patitucci...(in my channel you can see the interviews with them) I hope you...
  4. Juan Exposito

    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hello Gavin, Forgive me for three questions in a row! 1) I think that in Porcupine Tree and The Pineaple Thief you use a click track most of the time (correct me if I´m wrong). Are you the only one in the band with the click? All your bandmates are incredible good musicians, but have you...
  5. Juan Exposito

    Do you want to be a professional musician? - Listen to Anthony Jackson

    This is an excerpt of a interview with the master Anthony Jackson. I added spanish subtitles for my online drum channel, where you all are invited: It´s from 1992 but it seems from yesterday. (The frontpage says: The day that a machine outplays me...")
  6. Juan Exposito

    My interview with GAVIN HARRISON

    Thanks for watching it and the kind words. Hi Larryace, my story is...I´m a drummer, not professinal but I take it seriously ;) I´´m co-directing the channel since 2018 ( ) From 2014 to 2018 the channel was "attached" to some drum companies (Yamaha...
  7. Juan Exposito

    My interview with DAVE DiCENSO

    Hello folks, This is the interview I did to Dave Dicenso for our channel Mr. Online Drums TV (Facebook & Youtube) I have no words to describe the great and epic moments inside that Dave gave us all. We talked about timing, lessons learnt from others, practicing, life on tour...his drum jounal...
  8. Juan Exposito

    My interview with GAVIN HARRISON

    Hello folks, This is a video interview that I did to Mr. Harrison for our online music channel and I would like to share and talk about it if you like. Gavin was very generous, informative and fun, giving some masterclasses about timing, practicing, touring life, sound... I hope you like it...
  9. Juan Exposito

    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hi again Gavin! Two questions please: 1) In some interview I heard you mentioning the app "Live BPM", talking about timing or something related to it. I find it very useful for using it in band rehearsals or practice sessions (with no click tracks) and see clearly where the ups and downs with...
  10. Juan Exposito

    Gavin Harrison here!

    Hello Gavin! First of all I would like to thank you all the GREAT information and good vibes to this incredible topic. Your dedication to this art is unpaired. And also thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you last Christmas (I put the link below, I think fans here are going to...
  11. Juan Exposito

    My interviews with - SIMON PHILLIPS and LUCAS IVES (drumtechin for Weckl)

    My interviews with - SIMON PHILLIPS / DEAN BROWN / LUCAS IVES (drumtechin for Weckl) Hello Folks, Here I will post every finished and edited interview I do. I´m editing others right now (Dennis Chambers, John Patitucci, Tom Kennedy, Gavin Harrison, Joel Rosenblatt, Dean Brown, Thomas Lang...) A...
  12. Juan Exposito

    THE SUBSTITUTE "Are you in too many bands?" My short film 2 minutes loooong

    Hi folks, I´ve made just for fun a short film about a fictitius App called iSUB. Tomorrow I will post the entire thing (2 minutes long). The concept behind it is that period where you involves in "too many bands" and some day appears a conflict of dates and you look for a substitute... This is...
  13. Juan Exposito

    Dave Weckl´s drum Tech Lucas Ives - Video interview. Participate !!

    Hello folks!! Some weeks ago I joined to this drum channel (MrOnlineDrumsTV), co-directing and trying to bring some more broad content, not only drums. I have some cats in the list but I prefer not to mention yet. And this week I have a special guest, the Incredible man working for Weckl...
  14. Juan Exposito

    Electro Deluxe Big Band...Funky Big Band

    More in the tube. I like it. Much.
  15. Juan Exposito


    I´ve made a tutorial about how to configurate some patterns that combine CLICK+SILENCE with TEMPO and TEMPO ADVANCE apps. In case you haven´t got an Iphone (or Ipad), they can be designed in your computer, sequencer, etc…as most of you already know. The patterns created use the click combined...
  16. Juan Exposito


    It´s me or this CHICK COREA AKOUSTIC BAND concert video has the best sound/video quality of this band from the early 90s ???? All the concert is available on Youtube.
  17. Juan Exposito

    SIMON PHILLIPS - Lee Ritenour & Mike Stern videos

    These videos are in YT for some time, but they had a very bad A/V sync. (I told this to the original Youtube poster, but he didn´t answered, so...) Yesterday I tried to enjoy them again, but it was painful to watch. I like these performances so much, that I´ve edited the videos and re-uploaded...
  18. Juan Exposito


    Hello DW, After some time reading the forum, I think this is my first post here. I say HELLO and would like to share this review and pictorial about some time with Simon Phillips, during his show with Hiromi and Anthony Jackson in San Javier Jazz Festival (South of Spain) last July. I´ve posted...