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    Heads for 80's Ludwig Power Toms

    I am looking to replace my original silver dot heads from my 80's ludwig set with double headed power toms. I am looking for a more melodic sound than what the original heads provided. Does anybody have a tried and true combination? Thanks.
  2. EDrums

    Drumwerx quality and value

    I stumbled across Drumwerx a custom drum maker. I was wondering if anybody has seen, owns or plays one. From the pictures, they make gorgeous shells and if they sound and are constructed as good and if priced reasonably, they should give the standards a run for the market. Here's a link...
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    Has any one cut down ludwig power toms

    I am considering cutting down my 80's ludwig power toms to standard depth. Aside from having to put new bearing edges I am wondering if there are any problems in doing this. It looks like I can cut where the first ( bottom ) lug holes are and use the top second hole as a template for drilling a...
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    Maple vs Bubinga ??

    Can someone please give me a good comparison between the two. I understand that Bubinga is becoming more popular these days. Is it the tonal characteristics of the wood? I see that Bubinga is also known as African Rose Wood, is this the same material that is now being used for marimba's ?
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    Pics of early great players

    I came accross this in an old drum method. I thought you all might enjoy it. Check out the set of Viola Smith.
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    Ideal drum kit

    Ok drum heads, I got a fun one for ya. If you could only have one kit what would your ideal kit be? This is different than a dream kit because a dream kit might not be ideal for your needs example My dream kit would be a 70's ludwig jelly-bean Octoplus set which definitely would not be ideal for...
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    I'm Confused

    What is the skinny on Keller shells? I noticed it seems that a lot of custom drum companies are or have used Keller shells such as Precission, Brady, Pork Pie, Spaun, GMS and Grover to name a few. In several of the posts it appears these shells seem to be substandard and then in other posts...
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    Anybody know anything about Heartland drums

    I saw the posting on Stave and solid wood drums and it appears that If I was going to build a solid wood drum, the way Heartland does it seems logical to me. It seems that all others are either block, stave, or steam-bent. Does anyone know any other company that builds complete kits this way?
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    Help with 80's Ludwig set

    In the mid 80's I bought a Ludwig set called the Pro-Modular set it has some unusual sizes and hardware. The sizes were 8,10 with cliplock 13,14,16,18 with modular and 16x22 Bass all are double-sided power toms. I bought the set new in 84 they have blue & olive badges with rounded corners in...