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    Small Dent on Edge of New HI Hats

    Hello all. Just scored a pair of 15" HHX Complex hats. They were listed as "mint". Hats came in today and they looked good, other than a small dent I noticed in the lip of the bottom hat. The top also has a smaller dent so I'd assume these hats were dropped during shipment. See the attached...
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    New Kit: What to Look For When Delivered

    Hello all, If you were getting a new drum kit delivered, what would be the first things you look for to ensure the kit is the way it should be? I.E. measure the roundness (proper diameter), check bearing edges, etc.
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    Free-Floating Shell Replacements (Bronze, Brass, etc.)

    Hello All, I read somewhere that there are certain manufacturers and drum builders who provide shell replacements for Pearl's free floating snares, namely Oriollo. Does anyone have any experience with that? I was looking to invest in a new cast bronze snare, but figured I can just use the 6.5...
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    What Would You Do? (Need Advice Here)

    Long story short, I submitted a deposit for an expensive kit, with the idea that the kit would allegedly arrive within the next 2 months (there was ambiguity behind shipping times from the manufacturer due to the pandemic). The dealer has been great to work with. In the meantime, I got an...
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    Helping Identifying Snares & Worth

    I need help identifying these snares and their values. I am aware of their brands and models (I.E. Pearl Sensitone and Free Floating). However, I want to know the shell materials and what they're worth.
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    Drum Case for 10" x 7" Tom

    It's impossible to find a soft shell case for a 10" x 7" tom. I guess the 10" x 7" is standard in most kits nowadays, but can't find an appropriate case.
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    Drum Depths

    Hello everybody, Back in 2012, I bought a Mapex Black Panther Velvetone kit. At the time, most of the standard configurations for most companies was 10"x8", 12"x9", 16"x16" and 22"x19" BD. Nowadays, it seems standard configurations include toms that are shallower (10"x7" & 12"x8") and 16"...
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    Great Deal on Starclassic B/B

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    Starclassic Bubinga

    Welp, a Reverb listing for a gorgeous Starclassic Bubinga kit that I wanted just ended. Someone bought em and now I'm trying to look elsewhere for a set. I heard Tama is no longer producing Bubinga kits due to the CITES restrictions. Does anyone have any additional information or advice on...
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    DIXON Precision Coil Pedals

    DIXON just released their Precision Coil pedals. They look gorgeous and have an interesting design. Anyone have any experience with DIXON drums or hardware?
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    Good dela or bad deal? Opinions?
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    Help me find my Hats!

    Ok so, A few years back I got a good deal on some 13" HHX Groove Hats in brilliant. I got them on a whim after having never tried the groove hats. I liked them, but felt they weren't ass effective for the style of music I have been playing, which is Brazilian/Latin/Portuguese Axé music (Saul...
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    How O.C.D. are you guys with your drums?

    In terms of dents, scratches, etc.? I am always curious because I find myself bummed out every time my stick accidentally makes contact with the shell leaving a small dent or scratch. Figured there would be more OCD people out there considering the cost of some flagship kits nowadays. Thoughts?
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    Found a small nick on bearing edge

    On my bass drum on the batter side. It's a velvetone kit so the edges are very sharp. The nick is rather small, almost can't see it but you can feel it running your finger over it. Anybody know how much of an impact this would make on tuning the shell? Figure a large 22" bass drum and the nick...
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    Not sure what this is on my tom...

    Found this on my 12" tom yesterday. Right above the bottom lug. The line on the left-hand side is just where the ply meets. What I'm trippin about form the bottom lug half-way up the the top lug. Doesn't look like a crack, there is no visible damage to the ply in the interior or from the bearing...
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    Help choosing heads

    Hello all, So since I've purchased my kit, I have experimented with many different heads from Evans G2s and EC2 SSTs to Coated G2s and Suede Ambs (which came stock). The bearing edges on my kit are super sharp and are located on the furthest point from the shell. I believe this utilizes every...
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    Quick Torque Cam & Speed Cobra

    Hello all, I recently just purchased a speed cobra for an excellent deal that I could not refuse to replace my 5000s. I also heard about Eccentric Systems' "Quick Torque Cam", which is supposed to provide a more responsive and smooth feel to pedals. My question is that considering the Speed...
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    Help me!

    Hello all, I'm new here on these forums and if I've somehow posted in the wrong section, please let me know. I have been playing drums for about 12 years and I have had only one kit, my rockstar custom, for all those years. I've updates all my hardware, cymbals, and currently play on a 6.5 x 14...