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    Superior Drummer Help

    Hey all, I am trying to install superior drummer 2.0 for my Macbook pro and i got to the part where it says put disc 2 in and then it finishes but it doesn't ask for disc 3 and when i put disc 3 in, no prompt or message comes up?! I have not authorized the software yet and i have installed...
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    What Do You Think? This is a website I've have just recently finished. It basic I know because its free to run and it only really is a mini-encyclopedia for some drum stuff but I would really appreciate it if you could all check it out and give some constructive feedback. Its my...
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    Blog or Website?

    I am currently working a website (a dictionary/encylopedia drum type) and I don't know whether to do a blog instead? They seem funner and more relaxed and I get to be more original. My current website is just like a digital book. What do you all think and what would you all enjoy? It is a drum...
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    I'm thinking of going over to America (CA) for a year (or geting an around the world ticket) and I want to hear people's opinion about it? The food, country, people there, pros and cons, etc? I am currently in the UK. I don't want to start an arguement! Some internet users on other sites seem to...
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    Gibralter Pad!

    Hey all, I am excited to share some really good news! Has anyone got or tried the Gibralter knee pad because I recently got it to improve my hand technique and it has done wonders for me! I highly reccomend it. I recieved mine from the amazing adcdrum guys. Heres a link...
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    Pedal Drives

    Hey all. I currently use a direct drive pedal (metal link) to play the bass drum. What drives do you use (E.g- Chain, Belt)? Why? What are the pro's and cons? Keep up your playing!