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    Paradiddle--Hi Hat

    When you play the paradiddle--RLRRLRLL--do you find it difficult to play the 2 & 4 on the hi hat? Is this something you have to work at? No problems in playing the paradiddle on it's own--at all tempos. Any advice welcome. I have no problems playing 4 beats on the snare and 2 & 4 on the hi hat...
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    Hi-Hat Questions

    Been working on my snare drum technique. Time to work on the hi-hat. Your advice and expertise welcome. a) Hi-Hat: The foot. Is it common to have the heel down and work the hat from the toe? Been doing that and a after a shot while foot ache creeps in--is that common beginner problem? Just keep...
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    Traditional Grip v Matched Grip

    Do you switch grips on a gig? a) Pros & Cons of each grip? b) Depends on the style of music? c) Do most 'jazzer's' use the traditional grip? (ps---I am a relatively newbe--hence questions.
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    Hi-Hat Stand To High

    I recently bought a Natal hi-hat stand. The lowest I can get the hi-hat cymbals for me is to high--I am reaching my arms to high. The internal chrome height adjustable tube is at the lowest it will go. (The adjustable chrome tube being 18 and 3/4" long). The legs of the stand appear to be at...
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    Getting Started--When to use the snare wire

    Your advice on when to use the snare wire. I'm into the 'jazzier' side of life. Your expertise welcome. a) When playing with brushes would you put the snare wire on--for more 'swish' to the sound?--Do most drummers do that? b) When playing swing / bop with sticks snare wire off? c) Playing New...
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    Drum Mat

    Your expertise welcome. I am about to obtain my first drum mat or carpet. The right carpet just as good as a proper drum mat? Regarding carpet: Have you tried a non-slip carpet that can help cut down the drum volume? (thinking of the neighbours!) If so what sort of a pile? Is rubber backing...
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    Slim Bass Drum v 'Stomp' Box

    Newbe to the bass drum. I only want a small kit comprising of snare drum / hi-hat and ride cymbal. I am going to add a bass drum. I am thinking of one of those ultra thin bass drums? Good sound? Anybody use them? Good sound for a quartet? If so what size drum to get? The bigger the better...
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    Carry bag for drum gear

    Advice for a first time buyer of gig bag. I have a small drum kit and advice wanted for an adequate bag / case for carrying the drums stands etc. Is it advisable to to get one that will take the full length of the hi-hat stand with the rod intact--or how many drummers unscrew the rod? Any...
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    Snare Drum Rims

    Can you use a snare rim as a batter rim? Any difference between the two rims? The reason I an asking is I have found a snare rim that I want to make my own--thin---practice head to practice brush work.
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    Travelling with the Hi-Hat

    Newbe to travelling with the drum kit. Regarding the Hi-Hat stand. Do you take out the rod when travelling--or leave it in? The stand in question is made by Natal. What do you do? Many thanks.
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    New Orleans Style Drumming

    I have the book 'New Orleans Jazz and Second Line Drumming'. Excellent. Do you know of any CD's that would have comperlation tracks of New Orleans style drummers playing with various bands--to hear their various styles? Or recommend New Orleans style drummers playing with bands where the...
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    'Minimal' kit

    Hi I have been playing double bass / guitar / banjo for many years to a good level--played with some very good bands. Of recent times I have taken to the drums. I just want to play on a 'minimal' kit. That is Snare / Hi-Hat and Ride Cymbal only. Two questions I would to like to ask you...
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    Drum Dial Question

    Where to place the drum dial on the snare drum? a) In the center? Near the rim? b) What is the 'ballpark' number on the dial for batter and snare head? c) Varies for different types of head? In my case the batter head is a Remo Vintage Ambassador Coated 14"--and the snare head is a an Evans...
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    Mallets and Sticks--Light Jazz Style

    Hi Lots of mallets and sticks out there to choose from. a) Mallets--What is the best material to get for the tip of the mallet that's long lasting for snare drum and cymbals? Do mallets come in different woods and weights--like sticks? Any recommended make of mallet? b) Sticks---So far I have...
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    What Size Cymbal Do I Need?

    New to Cymbals. I play just snare drum and Hi-Hat. My interests are mainly small combo jazz. I want to complement this with a separate cymbal. What size cymbal would suit this style?--nothing that has 'an earth shaking sound!'--a cymbal that makes a good musical sound. a) Any particular make? b)...
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    Mallets--Which Type To Choose?

    I am about to buy my first pair of mallets. Doing a search I find there are different types of mallets. I want a pair to suit Cymbal / Hi-Hat / Snare drum. Different types of mallets tips available. My drum style is small group, mainly jazz. Not heavy. Your knowledge / expertise welcome.
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    Upgrading Hi-Hat & Snare Stand

    I am about to upgrade my cheap Hi-Hat & snare stands. Advice welcome: a) 2 or 3 legged stand ? b) Double braced or single legs? A good solid single braced stand preferred? Many thanks
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    Upgrading for Pedal and Hi Hat Stand

    Years ago I bought a second hand (very cheap) Hi-Hat stand with pedal / and cymbals. 'Messed' around with it for a short while--put it away and recently I got serious about it again. I want to upgrade to better quality gear. Have done a bit of research on the subject--'not-knowing-then-what -I...
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    Cheap Pedal?

    Newbe to drums question. Awhile ago I bought a cheap Hi-Hat stand with pedal. The pedal attaches to the stand with two bent rods.The two bent rods where the pedal attaches to the stand looks flimsy and not very secure--am I correct in thinking this? Is this the normal way to attach the pedal...
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    Quality 14" Cymbal Bag

    I have a pair of Zildjian 14" Hi-Hat cymbals and I am looking for a quality carrying bag. I have searched the web and apparently no one seems to make a bag for 14" cymbals. Does such a bag exist? What is the nearest size. There are lots of makes of bag out there from cheap to more...