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    Can Someone Do a Big Favor For Me???

    Can someone here who is a long time drummer do a quick video lesson of how to do Don't Ever Want to Lose Ya' on here for me? I could probably send you money on the mail if you can do it but it would have to be cash of like $20 or $25 is the highest i can do? Thanks I just want to be allowed to...
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    I can not go to drum lessons right now what is a good video or you tube to study?

    My teacher has not been doing lessons because of the COVIS 19 and I still do my old lessons and the old old ones but do any of you guys know about a good video to watch online or to buy so I can learn some good stuff? I am 13 years old actually 12 3/4 but I want to learn new things to...
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    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Hi Everyone, I am a new drummer and have been told by the guy at Guitar Center that every drummer in the world tries to play Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya' and we all play it wrong. I have been taking lessons for over one year and I play four or five hours every day. I am not into new music and...