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    Ray Marte, of Exemption

    Hi, I posted this to the Drummers section weeks ago and didn't get a single comment. I've only been playing drums for a couple years so I'm no expert but I love this band and the drummer is awesome, I think, so I wanted to shoot the breeze about his style. I was listening to Classic Rock for...
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    Ray Marte, of Exemption

    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing.... Ray Marte, of Exemption This is a friend of mine (well, I'm more of a fan but they are friendly guys) from Long Island. Here's another link to check out his work. Genre is...
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    FINALLY got my new Ludwig Centennial Zep Kit!!!

    Hey guys/gals, I just wanted to brag that I finally got my new kit. I've been searching all around the internet for months and since they were discontinued I thought I'd never get 'em. My local dealer said there is ONE kit left available from Ludwig, and he ordered it for his store, but it...
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    Seeking kit with 26 bass & natural laquer finish

    Hi, I'm looking for a new set with a Bonham 14/16/18/26 configuration and natural laquer finish. I'm aware of the Ludwig Classic Maple Sep Set but it's about $3,000. Does anyone have any recommendations? I got psyched to pick up a set like this for a little over $1,000 but the Centennial line...