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    Regarding base drum exercises.

    I had a breakthrough many years ago when I spent a practice cycle(always cycle your practice routine and keep a documentation history of what you have done) playing what I would normally play with my right foot with my left hand ... and what I usually play with my left hand with my right...
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    Changing name/deleting account

    This brings up a great idea for a thread. How do our resident Pro's handle the need to 'not be tied' to opinions by their business dealings...but remain able to express themselves? never express anything(safest) 'I don't care'(least safe). ...but I am not curious enough to start the...
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    Symmetrical Set Up

    I think we are underestimating the effect of instrument placement on our mental approach to making art. Knowing you can get to HH and Snare equally ultimately defeats a static approach to the use of those voices..another avenue to creative writing.
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    Why do you Play?

    It binds the pieces of me together.
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    Symmetrical Set Up

    I use a setup like that...I really love it. It made me question cliche' playing and even the validity of artificially distinguishing a part of my playing as a 'fill'. Also led me to become symmetric in my approach to the set...I did not like the effect on my playing once my left and right...
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    Not sure what the money beat is?

    I think it is admirable to reach out for something new...something that breaks out of the rut that has become redundant and boring. Now, if you are playing deserve what you get. Make your own music and allow what has been to be has been.(money beat or no money beat) If you are...
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    Keeping Electric Drums in Cold Garage in Northern Michigan

    I think its a good idea...keeps them from re-animating and attacking your acoustic drums and turning them into hybrid zombies. As long as you are not reaching a condensation point I would say you are air dehydrator wouldn't hurt.
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    I've got to try one DD. Thanks for bringing that back into my thoughts.
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    BECAUSE YOU ASKED snare toms and metal bathroom trash can

    I really like the use of snares without snare wires...just throw off the lever and enjoy a pseudo timbale. Improvised percussion +1! <<tips hat to jw>>
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    Does the sound reflection of the room affect practice?

    dedication respected and admired! Truly an end unto itself.
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    Regarding the use of metronome.

    best work/ability pay off I have had with a metronome is to put it at the fastest subdivision that I am playing at(usually 16th notes or 16th note triplets) then play along with the metronome volume fairly quiet...record both the 'nome and my playing, and try my best to 'bury' the click(that is...
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    Does the sound reflection of the room affect practice?

    If I cant hear what Im playing then its hard to figure what I need to work on....recording helps but its nicer to be able to catch it on the fly when practicing...but really, nothing replaces recording. If the room is so bad I cannot get a decent recording then progress becomes slow. Issue...
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    What piece of gear has spoiled you?

    My DW Remote HiHat. It is my main HiHat...allows me to use an alternate setup that has become fundamental to my playing. ...a close second is my Axis Dbl Pdl.
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    Happy Birthday Bermuda

    Happy Birthday to our own resident musical chameleon! Really a treat to have you around!
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    Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize

    Gavin's educational material is a great way to keep your ego in check.
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    bububububut ToneT....I wanna be infinite ; )
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    Approaching the Instrument

    I think if you have a static approach to your playing then you are not serving the song and immediate situation. You must feel an appropriate 'feeling' for the song and application of the song in the present moment independent of the past and future.
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    Are You a Tweeker or No?

    Otto said: All you have to do is say "yes" and anyone who knows who you are by your username is open to interpret the term in a negative light. Be aware of how you respond to things folks.... I have debated for a while if it is worth responding to this. I...
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    Best piece(s) of advice you've gotten from this forum?

    Gavin talking into a banana like it was a phone...implying to keep your ego controlled and dont be ashamed to be silly when the mood strikes no matter what sucess you are told you have. (a close second was his comment about the need for your band to trust your time)
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: It is told that when he met the Japanese Monk, Amrutbhai Modi, Gandhi began practicing a small ceremonial drum. Richard Feynman: He would play hand percussion on occasion. I believe there is a youtube video out there showing a performance. Theodore Ronald Brailey...