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    Hi: My kit.

    I posted a while back with a set up of my kit and I've made some upgrades since then. Figured it was worth a re-post. Set up: Assorted hardware (gibralter, pearl, sound percussion etc.) Drums: PDP X7 Cymbals: 14'' Paiste&Zildjian mix. (they're from the 70's so it's kind of a unique sounding...
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    Mind over matter

    Well lets see, a bit ago I made one of the most incoherent rants about my issues with drumming... After that day I decided to take a few weeks off from drums, no more watching people that are really good on youtube, no more thinking about drums; it was time to wipe the slate clean. [time-laps]...
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    Double pedaling problems...

    I'm sorry to burden the DW forum with yet another thread about double bass playing and technique, but I'm in quite a quandary Ok, here's my deal. I've been playing drums on and off for ages. I played fairly simple music for the first few years of playing so technique was never an issue for me...
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    PDP x7

    This is a pretty good mid-range set with the right heads and good mics this set will sound great. Normally I have these triggered up (hence the amount of stuff in the drums, I am also waiting on the matching second bass drum. My camera is not the best but hey, thanks for taking a look. And...
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    ddrum Dominion

    I am kind of browsing around for a new kit. Anyone know if ddrum's dominion series is any good? I've never bought anything from them before but a friend of mine has a signature kit ordered through them and it sounds pretty good. Also, is the "Defiant" line of DDrum any good?
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    Pedal foot-board length

    I don't know if I suck at using google or what but I could not find this. I am trying to find what pedal has the longest footboard length. This is just for Sh%* n giggles but if anyone knows the top 5 that would be cool :)
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    Drum head Advice

    I'll start off by saying I am one broke MFer so I can't go out and try head after head to find the sound I want if I could that would be awesome but money is tight. I play metal / death metal / sub-genre(s) for days (I just think there are to many sub-genres) I've got an old Tama Rockstar 5...
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    Pearl eliminator question.

    SUPPPP So, I have a pearl p2002b (strap drive) eliminator. I play with the springs on the highest tension and I practice about 4 hours a day 5 days a week. The spring on my master pedal is starting to really squeak... I lowered the tension down a to medium but when I get into really high...
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    Bass Cab

    I was wondering... Can you use a Bass guitar cab as a "pa" for your bass drum. For instance, if I wanted more power behind me then the 100Watt speakers you see on musiciansfriend could I get a Hartke cab (or any other bass guitar cab) for my triggered bass drum?
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    Yamaha DTXplorer

    Hey guys, I've got a quick question about triggers and modules in general. If I buy this (if the link does not work it's a yamaha dtxplorer...
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    Does anyone know what ride cymbal this is? I know it's a Sabian but not much else... I really like the sound of the bell on it.