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    Best Way to Learn Polyrhythms

    Thanks all. Yep- I'm trying to get good at switching in and out of 2:3 and 3:4, 4:3- just to give me different "gears" when trading or in bridge sections, stuff like that.
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    Best Way to Learn Polyrhythms

    Hi all- I'm looking to expand my rhythmic knowledge. Anyone else embarked upon polyrhythmic stuff? What books? Videos? Anything? I want to make this my 2020 resolution. I have been playing for many years, and play jazz and improvised music, but have mainly been the in the straight ahead...
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    Jazz Shuffles

    I'm assembling a playlist to play along to in order to work on my shuffle. Anyone got any recommendations on stuff to check out, aside from Blakey? I've got all of his stuff pretty well represented. Many thanks.
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    Uptempo Vocabulary

    Hi guys- I have been really working on uptempo jazz stuff for the last six months. Timekeeping has come a long way, but I want to expand on my licks for trading and soloing on stuff up above 270 or so. Right now I have "7 steps to heaven" solo memorized and can sprinkle those phrases in, which...
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    Rim shots- how to practice precision?

    Hi guys- I am currently struggling to consistently control my rim shots. I can catch them consistently when I'm playing a loud 2 and 4 backbeat-type of thing. BUT, what I want is to land them at a bit quieter level- like mezzo forte or lower. I want to be able to play them softer like that in...
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    jazz drumming help - struggling w/playing ahead

    I've been taking lessons, learning the jazz & bebop thing for about 18 months now, and things are going well- I've been playing in some jams and going through "art of bop" cover to cover. The one thing that is giving me trouble is learning to really push and drive the beat. Regardless of the...