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    How does he do this

    As stated above, it's a sort of jazz ride pattern straightened out. You want to practice being able to get three solid notes from one throw of the wrist utilizing the rebound of the cymbal. There are a lot of different techniques for getting this, but I recommend you check out John Riley's...
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    PBU the 14-20 set up

    Snare and bass drum. Screw the rest. Home by 12.
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    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    Late 60s Round Badge WMP. I got these when I was 15 (25 years ago) and I've had a love/hate relationship with them ever since. Use them all the time.
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    Do you have your own sound?

    Some recent thoughts on the importance of finding one's own voice on the drums: Hope you enjoy it.
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    Using older Ipad for Performance and Teaching

    Anyone around here using an older Ipad 2 or something similar for performance and teaching? I'm looking for something to hold charts and exercise sheets and for playback of tracks, etc. Has anyone experienced any problems with the older version not behaving well with newer software versions...
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    A lesson from a master: Steve Gadd

    I joined a large audience in Northampton, UK for a show called The World's Greatest Drummer on Tuesday evening. It featured host Ian Palmer and guests Pete Cater, Steve White and the inimitable Dr. Steve Gadd playing with Pete Cater's big band. By-in-large, Pete's book consists of Buddy Rich...
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    Elvis, Guns N Roses and Taylor Swift walk into a bar...

    ...find out the rest of the story here: Sorry for the vanity post, but I'd like to invite the Drummerworld community to check out my new blog. My most recent article deals with the use of The Charleston rhythm in pop music. Check it out. Leave a comment if...
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    Steve Lukather - Adult Chords

    A great message for all aspiring musicans including - or perhaps especially - drummers.
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    RIP Jake Hanna

    The drumming world lost another great today with the passing of Jake Hanna. Jake swung hard every time he sat behind his kit. I was turned on to Jake by my father and I cut my teeth listening to his records with Woody Herman, the Concord All-Stars, and more. I'll always remember his simple...
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    Marketing your drumming/music-related business

    In all the he said/she said of the Seth Davis (Alleged) Spam Scandal, a pertinent question arose: what is the right way to market your drum business? In a world where we're bombarded by information about products and services but where noise outweighs signal by a fair margin, what do we need to...
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    In Need: CD for Essential Styles for the Drummer & Bassist b. Steve Houghton

    Dear Denizens of Drummerworld, As the title suggests, I'm on the lookout for a copy of the accompanying CD for Steve Houghton's Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist Book One. If any has this item kicking around I would be much obliged to obtain a copy, as mine is nowhere to be found...
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    Silence vs. Sound - Which is more important?

    Continuing in the fine tradition of constructing antithetical binaries (and secretly wondering if we can produce meaningful synthesis, I suppose...) I'm curious what our fine forum members think about this question. On what side do you stand? Is it the notes or the space between them that matters?