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    Throne Buttkicker/Transducer

    I'm thinking of doing my own throne buttkicker/transducer setup to regain my kick during gigs. I'd love a Porter Davies setup but they don't sell just the electronics alone. I already have the shaker and few PP thrones to use. My thinking: >dynamic kick mic connected to a Rolls CL151...
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    Mapex Meridian: Tom Memory Locks

    I picked up a nice used set of Meridians few months ago. I'm quite impressed with their beautiful looks and sound. I figured I'd start gigging them and went over anything that needed attention that I might have missed when I first got them. I noticed the floor toms' legs don't have memory locks...
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    Jerry Gaskill

    The fact that Drummerworld doesn't have a profile about Jerry Gaskill from King's X and numerous side projects perpetuates the sad fact that Jerry's totally underrated. I like this site, yet can it really be taken seriously when the drummer from a highly rated band among top musos isn't...
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    Anyone removed wrap from PDP shells?

    I could get my hands on an old PDP CX maple kit for dirt cheap. I hate the wrap that's on it and would rewrap them but first... a question. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to remove the wrap from their PDP kit and how'd it go? Thanks.
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    Mapex: 1-screw lugs: any problems?

    I've been a maple man my whole drumming life and wanted a birch kit. I just jumped on a Meridian birch kit in Trans Cherry Red at an excellent price. I've always, always loved finishes like it, but never owned one. One thing I didn't notice was the lugs. They're held onto the shell via 1 screw...