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    Question regarding metronome practice with sheet music

    Slow tempos are tougher to play. You need to fell the tempo first, before you can groove to it. I start my practice by playing to a slow tempo for 10 minutes. You just have to relax. I practice this until I can bury the click in the groove, then move on.
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    Thanks. I appreciate your responses!
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    My ekit is always in my practice space. It doesn't travel, I gig with my Gretsch Catalina. I wanted some type of cable that I could hook up to my home stereo when drummer buddies come over. Hooking up a second headphone is OK, but playing through speakers would be so much simplier. I don't want...
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    Fired for COVID/ Age

    You got a rotten deal! Change happens, they didn't handle it very well. I've just turned 72, and I can feel my options slipping. Try to find some other people who don't care about age, or are older and just want to play. I started to play with a big jazz band, it seems to suit me. There is a...
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    I was looking for something quick and low cost for my home studio. The Yamaha Powered Speakers look very impressive, they'd be fun for smaller gigs.
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    Thanks, electrodrummer. That's the answer. I think I'll just stick to headphones. Adding a PA is a bit much for home practice, and I don't want to blowup my home stereo speakers. ToneT, thank you. I've been through my manual, but only for info on setup and making adjustments. I didn't look for...
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    Not yet. My thinking is stereo speakers have enough range to handle an ekit. At least it'll be inexpensive to try. I just need an extension cable to set it up. This would just be for my practice room.
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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    I have an Alesis DM10, and have been playing through headphones. I would like to have the option to play out loud, and was wondering if playback on stereo speakers sounds OK. I know that special sound systems are made for ekits. But they're more money than I want to spend. I would like to try...
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    I've tried to read this thread, but I keep getting sidetracked by lyrics and melodies!
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    Good metronome software

    I use an app called Tempo. I believe it will run on Android and iPad. It has a mute feature that will mute the click for a set number of bars. I use it to practice playing grooves. It's fairly cheap. I think it;s better to use the paid version as it's ad free. You can also use liveBPM to track...
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    Some Gene to start your weekend...

    The next video was Buddy Rich playing Hawaiian War Chant. If you haven't had a chance to hear this, it's amazing. This is Buddy showing us how it's done.
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    Why I don't want help taking down, even carrying my drums.

    Here's a big Oh Yeah! on the inexpensive Home Depot mat. They work great. A little heavy, though. I don't like people trying to help on the tear down and packing. One experience I had was subbing for someone else, and the guitar and bass player tried to help me. They unscrewed every nut, bolt...
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    Paradiddle--Hi Hat

    Hi, independence takes a while to develop. Start very slow, and work it up. You might want to write it out, make a sort of a map to follow. I do not recommend "rocking" your foot on the high hat pedal. If your goal is independence, rocking your high hat foot is a habit you'll have to unlearn as...
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    Record Roland on Mac using drum's module, via jack

    I'm plugging into an iRig adapter, then plugging that into my ipad. You need to make sure that you're using the correct plug. I think you need to use a three ring plug, at least that fixed my problems. GarageBand works OK. I thought it was a little tricky to set up. An iRig adapter sends a...
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    Replacement hi hat pedal alesis nitro mesh

    Thanks, good thread. This is just what I'm looking for. My Alesis hi hat pedal is giving me fits. It works if I stomp on it heels up, but otherwise will only splash. I like to record my progress, so going to a regular hi hat won't work. I took it apart, but nothing looks out of place. There is a...
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    Can't apply pressure / no control w/ double bass any more. Nerve damage? Old age? 2 years going.

    You need to take a break! You did the right thing going to the Doctor. Maybe try some lessons. It could help to be assessed by a pro. Bad habits over the years can cause real damage. Pinched nerve, maybe?
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    Effect of alcohol on drum practice...?

    While I read the posts for this topic, I began to wonder how many works of art have been created when the artist, author, etc. have been drinking? In general, I don't drink and play. But that's just me.
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    How to notate hitting a drum with two sticks at the same time (NOT a flam)?

    I've heard of it being called a flat flam. Although I've never seen it notated. Just written instructions. Instead of it being a sharp accented sound, it's more of a fatter sound, at least to me. It makes a nice effect in the right place.
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    A cinder block? Must have been a kick to move it!
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    Big Band Drum Charts for Play-Along to practice reading

    I'm going to check it. The big band I play in has cancelled everything thru May, so I have the time!