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    My left hand is so slow

    I just have really shitty technique with my left hand. I’m not balanced well enough when I am playing together with both hands. I need to relax more but the stick keeps sliding all over the place in my left hand. And when I grip it different ways it hurts like carpel tunnel hurt. I just watched...
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    My left hand is so slow

    I have been adjusting my grip on my stick and using more muscles in my hand to get more agility and speed but still not even close to my right. I used to play blink 182 when I was younger so my right hand would play really fast 16ths on the hi hat it’s got like 9x more stamina then my left hand...
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    Is it warped? Is it me? This is driving me crazy!

    I have had these drums for a long time and I can’t tell if it’s cause they’re warped or not but tuning them is a nightmare. I did check the hoops and they are kinda wobbly. I also realized that the bearing edges are angled and flattened all the way around Bc of abuse. Tuning them I can get a...
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    Drum bearing edges sanding

    yeah me too. the thing is, is that where it comes to a point on one end the outside is immediately coating/paint or whatever it is. but on the other part of the drum the point is flat and the outside is like a worn making another angle i think. not sure if i explained that correctly now or in...
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    Feeling the music need tips

    I was practicing today and felt pretty ok abt my playing. then decided to turn on some music to play with it. all of a sudden i felt like i had no idea what i was doing and couldn't connect with the song so i just went on to the next one. it was prob cause i was tired but like i was just...
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    Drum bearing edges sanding

    Bearing edges on Toms are pretty uneven. Half is a nice 45 degree angle that comes up to a point. Then the other half the point is more of a plateau and causes the outside of the drum to have an angle as well. Has anyone got an idea if I can just sand the whole thing down to match the plateau...
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    Lefty drummer problems

    Thanks, I have trouble hearing it sometimes because I get confused which hand is playing what when things get complicated.
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    Need help identifying drum set

    You know how much they go for?
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    Need help identifying drum set

    Link since the file is too large to upload: there are 2 pictures on far and one close. It seems to not have a finish on it. I’ve found others that look similar to it called XKP but have a different finish, or is it just the camera? I can’t tell. How much do they go for? I can buy it for...
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    Do your Toms sound bad? Here’s why.

    Tuning drums should not be difficult at all. If you equipment isn’t ****’ed up then you should be good. People often overlook this simple step when tuning. It’s actually before you start. When you’re in the store, buying your new heads you MUST inspect them!!! I repeat...
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    Hole in reso head (bass drum)

    Does having a hole in the reso bd head make it slightly louder?
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    How to make cheap cymbal stack sound good? [questiln]

    Looking to add a cymbal stack to my setup.. Trying to spend less than $200, I want it to sound like the Sabian XSR fast stax 13/16. Any good ideas how to build this cheaply?
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    Pearl export series tom bracket

    If anyone can let me know the size of the screws that are used to hold down the tom bracket please let me know. I took it off years ago and can’t find the screws anywhere or sizes online. Thanks.
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    Bass drum technique

    Hi, So when I play the bass drum it’s near then back of the pedal not the front like I see mostly everyone do even professionals. For some reason I do not ‘feel’ it and it’s odf just a tiny bit when I try to play near the front of the pedal. But when I’m near the back end of the pedal I really...
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    Jazz comping exercises

    My teacher gave me some comp exercises where you keep a swing beat and read music to see when to hit the snare, the bass drum is empty and he told me to place the kick on 1, then 2, 3 and finally 4 (not 4 on the floor). Has anybody done this before? Quite tricky. Sometimes I feather the...
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    Heal toe

    Can you play drums if you have flat feet?
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    Drum fills

    I just learned the 6 stroke roll and it’s really helped with my drum fills. I feel so much more creative and able to place it around the drum set. Are there or ‘stickings’( not sure what to call it) like the 6 stroke roll from drum fills ? I know it’s used for triplets. But are there more for...
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    Pearl eliminator demon drive or DW9000?

    I’m buying a new double bass pedal and was wondering what thoughts were on these two pedals. I went to my local guitar center to try them out but they don’t have demon drive in stock. The 9000 felt really good.
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    College auditions, where to start!?

    Hey all, Just thinking about auditioning for undergrad at a local university and they want you to be able to play in multiple styles. What is a good way to familiarize myself and be able to play all the styles for an audition, not trying to master them or anything just want to be able to keep...