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    Netflix as an educational resource

    It never occurred to me before now that Netflix might have drum education DVDs. Turns out they have Secret Weapons (not Part 2 alas), Groove Essentials and one of the Joe Morello lessons, along with some other stuff I haven't heard of. They also have the 430 minute long (!) 2005 Modern Drummer...
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    Not used to seeing him play like this

    I play guitar too, so I was checking out clips of Emily Remler and stumbled across her playing with a certain drummer: Amusing!
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    DW factory day

    Anyone going to DW's factory day this year? I've never been, always been curious about whether it's worth the drive to Oxnard (from LA).
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    Odd time, non-waltz jazz ballads

    I am having a hard time thinking of non-waltz ballads played in an odd time signature. Are there any? I'm basically looking for ideas on comping. Googling 'odd time jazz brushes' wasn't particularly informative.
  5. J

    Do you play the drum part exactly the same each night?

    I have basically no experience playing a pre-determined part on drums. For you guys and gals who have a regular gig playing the same song every night, do you play exactly the same rhythms and fills each time you play the song, or does it change up? If you change it up, how much do you change...
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    Guitar Center Musician's Expo

    Went to this in Long Beach yesterday. It's basically like being in a really, really big Guitar Center with individual brand reps on hand to answer questions and hand out swag. The most interesting thing about it is that a lot of the stuff you see/try out is actually for sale at an amazingly...