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    Just for fun!

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    convert my old Tama snare to "Mondo-snare

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    Homemade Trigger with Roland TM-2 module.
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    PVC pipe Instrument(DIY)

    Hi! I always love the Blue-Man Group and their instrument. Last week, just go to hardware shop and buy some PVC tubes.This's what I come out.Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Roger Wang Trio

    Hi! We had been perfrom together almost 15 years! just want to share this 2 videos. (1)Penang Jazz Festival-I'm using my self made Mini Cocktail-drum. (2)Colour Concert at Art Gellery-using another new mini-drum kit 6" snare,8"kick & 6" mini-tom.
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    Band practice video clip

    Hi, Just want to share this video clip taken during our band pratice.I'm using one of my self made "Magic-Box drum". hope you guys enjoy!
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    Music Fest!!! Hi! Just want share this short Video Taken from my drummer friend! I'm using my Mini-Cocktail drum kits! Thanks! Peter(wonder1)
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    Compact mini drum-kits!!

    Hi! Just want to share my newly build Compact drum photos!!! The 1st photo show all put inside the Box(I can just carry the "Box" only to any gigs!!!)I use only 10"mini snare,8" mini closed hi-hat attached to cymbal stand. But,when I travel I just bring the snare,pedal,hi-hat only.I will borrow...
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    13" & 16" Mini kick

    Here's my 16" & 13" mini kick!
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    Mini Kits with 10"head on "Tower-Kick"!

    10"Mini Snare with 2 Home-made snare-wire inside the shell on left/right.8" tom.The 2 drums attached to Tama Boom cymbal stand.I use Cable-Hat,so that I can position it on the center! 10" head attached on self-made "Tower-Kick".The "Tower-kick"can act as "Stool"too haha!
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    Mini kits with 16"kick!

    16x16 floor tom cut to 16x12 as Kick now! attached a plywood as front head.It doesn't effect/change the kick's sound!notice there's a home-made wooden kick-base attached to the 16"shell(I nail it!) That's the whole-kits.10"Tom,13"Floor,13"Snare.all the drum are single headed but with...