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    Proposed Trade Renown for Genista. Yay or Nay

    I like my Renowns but Im not thrilled with them. I put them up for sale/trade along with a USA Custom Bronze snare 6.5x14. I have the following trade offer... My Renowns RN1 8 10 12 14 FT 22 BD USA Custom Bronze Snare Premier Genista 90's the good version 8 10 12 14 FT 16 FT 22 BD I have...
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    Wow Renowns record so nicely

    I finally got a chance to record my Renowns and wow is all I can say. They record so nicely, I have one drumtac on the FT, nothing else on any other toms and they all sound so full and warm. Absolutely love them. Now if I could only find a 16" FT I'd be extremely happy.
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    Would you? Potential trade

    I like my DW Performance series but Im just looking for a different tone so I have them up for sale/trade. I have a trade offer or a Gretch Renown kit, that will for sure give me the different sound I am looking for but I feel like Im taking a slight step backwards. They are the older renowns...
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    Need assistance with snare hoop selection on Gretsch COB

    Hi and thanks in advance for the advice :) I have decided I want a Gretsch USA COB. Problem is I cant decide on die-cast hoops or 301 hoops. The 301 I know are a bit more open the die-cast. I guess Im looking for someone with hands on experience with the 301 hoops to let me know exactly how...
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    So Frustrating trying to pick a new kit

    I've been out of the acoustic world for a lot of years. My last acoustic kit was a sweet set of Premier Signias, wish I still had them. As I venture into the acoustic market again there are so many damn options. I thought I had it narrowed down to Ludwig CM or CD but nope, my eye keeps...
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    Can I get a vintage sound from modern classic maples

    I've been out of the acoustic drum game for a looooonnnnnggggg time. I'm looking to get back in and wow there are so many more choices then there used to be. Every time I think I'm set on something I get distracted by something else. I am 90% sure I'm going with Ludwig, I just cant decide...
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    Ludwig Club Date component add ons?

    Are component add ons possible with the Club Dates? I’ve only contacted one place so far and they told me no however the Ludwig video with Charlie Hull said yes. I really want a one up two down config. Thanks in advance for any info