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    Most Underrated Snare Drums

    I just picked a PDP 20 ply Maple/Walnut 14x8 snare after getting a great deal on Reverb. I have to say, it really sounds great and the shell finish and overall fit is excellent. As for sound, it's awesome and love the mag throwoff. For comparison my main snare is a Pearl Brass 14.6.5 Reference...
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    80’s hard rock snare choice

    6.5" deep brass shell works perfect for that sound especially live.
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    Fixed hats and clutches, etc.

    You definitely need a drop clutch. I have two hi hats (both with drop clutches); a Pearl remote hi hat on the left side and Mapex Falcon on the right side. Took some getting used, but I really like it and I can play double bass with an open or closed hat.
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    what to do with unwanted cymbals?

    Re: what to do with unwanted cymblas? I just did the lonestar percussion recycling and it worked out well for me.