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    808 Trigger?

    I searched for 808, and found 0 results. I'm looking to pick up an 808 trigger (for bass drops), and having a hard time not buying too much unnecessary junk that goes with some pre-made setups (with 8000 sounds, and 24 pads, etc...). Anyone have any advice?
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    Problem with Star Cast Mounts

    I recently purchased another kit of Tama Rockstar (not my first Rockstar kit). This one came with star cast mounts. I originally thought it would be an improvement over the original mount connecting directly to the shell. So as I was setting it up, I noticed that the star cast mounts touch...
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    Double Pedal Bag?

    I was looking through a website for something unrelated to the topic, and came across the Gibraltar bag for double pedals. Now this intrigues me, because I don't like carrying my pedals open like I currently do. My Speed Cobras came with a hard case, but I have no intention of disconnecting...
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    Mic Cable management (for racks)

    So I've moved to a rack setup, trying to tidy up the kit, plus the other three dozen reasons I switched from stands. And as I go to different venues, I try and run the mics in a similar fashion. In the end, there are a few mic cables draped for the toms, snare, hihats, etc... (overheads are...
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    Help Eliminate Cymbal Resonance

    I've recently went to a Pearl ICON setup, instead of stands (which I've used for over the last 30 years). I LOVE the flexibility and control I have for mounting options. However, when I was putting the cymbals on, I heard the metal of the wing nut being applied vibrate throughout the rack...