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    Andy is an Admin! Nice!

    Hi Folks, Searched around but my search skills must be poor. I've been a bit busy, making a 'living' in the health care IT industry so I have not been around...and i saw Andy with an ADMINISTRATOR Tag! Love it! Thank you for doing that Andy...may your Ban Hammer remain in its holster as your...
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    Problem In The Industry

    I went to Yahoo this morning and saw the only mention of the billboard music awards that aired last night was "What Everyone Wore To The 2017 Billboard Awards". I tried to watch the whole thing but the music was awful...and the show was more about style and music presentation than about the...
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    Interesting Study on Timing Variations

    Old article from 2012...but one I had not I thought I'd share. “You can have these trends,” said Hennig. “For example, the drummer plays ahead of the beat for 30 consecutive beats, while half a...
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    Raw Bell Crashes- Anyone using them? Opinions?

    Title says it all... Sorry..cant edit the subject to fix the typo.
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    Developing Timing

    A great set of exercises from Victor Wooten that can easily be applied to drumming... I love how Victor isn't ashamed to show he isn't perfect...prob the most important thing to take from this...can't fail, can't learn.
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    Peter Erskine: The Role of Rhythm in Popular Music

    A great example of what the space between notes means from a master rhythmatist.. Brilliant and simply put....thought I'd share...hope its not already floating around...didnt see it...
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    Examples of Describing Silence

    Hoping to get folks ideas and references re: Drum Parts that describe silence well. Abstract...difficult to get at...why I brought it here. My best example... Porcupine Tree Half Light I kindly suggest 4:12 as a great example of a drum part...
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    Changing Thought -composition in action

    Hey folks, Drumming 40+ years now. An idea I would be deeply appreciative of thoughts.... I see a song by Porcupine Tree called Stop Swimming. at the point between 6:16 and 6:17(assuming the version you work from is congruent with mine...) ...I...
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    How to get better...

    I read threads started by drummers looking for ways to improve and wrack my brain to express the ways to learn to learn. I came up with one. View this... ...and try to express to yourself why it is so much better than this...