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    The Singer ain't matching The Song

    Not often, but on occasion I've been totally surprised by the Look to Voice relationship of a singer. The most recent surprise is with Mayer Hawthorne. I heard this great sounding R&B song first, then went to check him out. To me, I was surprised by the way he looks, which is kinda nerdy young...
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    Worst Album Cover... Evah

    So I recently picked up (from the library) The Weeknd's latest release After Hours. Holding it in my hand I did a double take. That has got to be the worst album cover I've ever seen. Yes, there's some pretty ridiculous album covers out there, but After Hours, is not fun to look at. It looks...
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    What is that instrument...

    Continually checking out Leonid & Friends, ran across one of the singers playing an unusual (unusual to me... I've never seen it before) Instrument. What is the name of the instrument the woman is playing and what particular sound is it?
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    COVID and Creativity

    I didn’t know how to title this thought, so here it goes with a bit more detail on my comment/ question. With COVID shutting down most things, especially live events, do you think the bands that are now doing very little, have shifted their efforts to a more creative state? Or stalled? I would...
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    Any Kansas / Phil Ehart fans?

    Kansas... Long time fan of the band. Each member brings a special sumpin sumpin to their very unique sound. And there's a few band changes... again. Ehart's percussion constantly amazes me and thank gawd, he has been the catalyst to keeping the band going. He now manages the band. Anyway...
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    Isolation Performance

    I wanted to like the isolation performances when this all started, but less than a few have caught my attention. This one, by The Doobie Brothers (Black Water) does a pretty fine job.
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    Loudest Concert

    I did not see a thread on this. While practicing with some random tunes on my kit, Blue Oyster Cults "Don't Fear The Reaper" popped on. This instantly brought memories of the LOUDEST concert I've ever witnessed. It had to be the 80's when BOC had a ton of hits and I went to go see them at the...
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    One World: Together Home Live

    Pre-show started live at 1:00 PM CT today (4/18/2020) Main Show @ 7:00 PM CT The list of artists is staggering, even if I don’t know most of them... I’m still discovering new stuff. Take Action ... ACT.ME More tonight on all the networks.
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    Playing For Change Songs Around The World

    I remember the first time I heard/watched a song by Playing For Change, it was the classic Stand By Me. I was fascinated at the concept and execution. The Project had me hooked from the beginning of the first words of the video... and it's still going strong today. I never tire of these...
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    Free stuff on TV... for awhile

    If you know about new or changed programming, please share it. IHEART LIVING ROOM CONCERT FOR AMERICA... A COMMERCIAL FREE BENEFIT @ Sunday (Mar 29) 8 PM CT on FoxNow streaming Hosted by Elton John Guests artist include Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish... more Here's even more free...
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    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    Not sure how long the LockDown will take and change our daily lives... .....Curious to your thoughts on what long lasting changes to our behaviors we’ll realize in the future? For instance I think some things may change permanently from here on out... - Healthcare... from the healthcare...
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    Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now - Interpretive Dance

    This just came in through my YouTube feed... pretty funny stuff Dont Stop Me Now - Interpretive Dance
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    Odd Use of a Drum Kit

    Well this struck me as a very odd use of a drum kit... split up to be played by two different people. This performance happened today on CBS Saturday Sessions Christopher Paul Stelling / Hear Me Calling Not a bad song
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    I was going to put this in the Drummer section... but nah.... it’s just fun stuff. Muppets Animal has always made me laugh. I guess with Neil Peart’s passing, YouTube is funneling related material to me. Animal with Rita Moreno - Fever
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    Alexa Skills, music and Email

    I have Alexa and looking for some specific help. So Alexa has 13K + Skills (and growing) and searching through them is exhaustive and time consuming. I have Alexa play Pandora and often run across new songs I really like. I can ask Alexa what song is playing and she will tell me the song and...
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    Multi-Artist Concerts a good thing... or a bad thing?

    This summer a Multi-Artist Concert Tour is coming through town. A stadium tour (ugh). Def Leppard Motley Crue Poison Joan Jett While I would really enjoy seeing every artists for this engagement, I've read reviews on larger concerts like this on how disappointed they are, because artists will...
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    The Perfect Movie

    Here I sit, last day at the end of a nice long break, before returning to {groan} work. Watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It occurred to me while watching it today, this movie is perfect. The story, characters, music, editing, the direction... all perfect. It never gets old. From beginning to...
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    I drove my wife's car and listened to her radio station... my thoughts.

    OHMYGAWD... what the hell. OK, ok, backup... Brief backstory leading up to this post. 1) I don't listen to radio anymore. Haven't for about 10 years or so. I listen to podcasts. When I do listen to music, it's my burned CD's of music I find in movies, commercials, TV, etc. I burn about 5 or...
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    Elise Trouw

    While we are having a little bit of snow here in St. Louis at the moment, I'm catching up on a lot of music videos. Love discovering new stuff. Elise Trouw She first caught my attention with her video's where she incorporates looping. She picks up just about every kind of musical instrument...
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    Thought Experiment... The Beatles

    I have a curious thought experiment in mind... ... it's a slight right turn from the movie Yesterday, which is about a man's journey in a parallel world where no one remembers the Beatles. Let's veer from that slightly. What if The Beatles (music) did not exist prior to today? What if starting...