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    Peart Time Machine Snare Shell Note?

    I really like the sound I heard when Rush came through on the CA Tour. But as I am not a drum collector but instead a player, I don't want destroy such a good looking snare. Can one of you who own the TMT snare what note is stamped on the inside. I plan to order one to the same specs 6.5 X 14...
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    New DW 9000 Pedals Coming

    I noticed that some retailers have dropped the price of the current DW 9002 pedals to 499. I'm pretty sure that a new one is coming. My guess is that it will have the changes that the DW 5000 series got. I don't personally care for the improvements so won't be enough to make me get rid of my...
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    Black Beauty Don't

    I wanted more durability on my snare batter head so thought I'd try a Coated Emperor X. Not a good idea. It was worse that sticking moon gel all over the head. Definitely lost the sound that makes a Black Beauty sound like a Black Beauty. I just got done sticking a Coated Ambassador back on it...
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    DW Service = The Best

    So a few days ago I was giving one of my 2008 DW Snares a thorough cleaning. Because the inside of this particular snare is varnished I didn't think about the fact that using Pledge might remove the information inside the shell but it did. The born on date, order number, and shell note were all...
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    New DW Snare coming next week

    I should be getting my new DW Snare next week. I got something a little different this time. Instead of the Maple Collectors I got a Birch Collectors, X-Shell, Natural finish, 5.5 X 14, and no sound rings. I've been kind of missing my old Starclassic Performer Birch that I sold with my...
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    Help a Snare Ho. Which snare next?

    I am in an interesting position. It have all of the snares I want. So the question becomes what now? I kind of like being a snare ho but as of yesterday have the ones I set out to get. So my question for all of you is do you see any glaring things missing (or any music styles not covered)in my...
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    Guess what came in today

    Guess what came in today? And a month earlier than I expected. I'll post a picture of what's in the box a little later. But here is a hint to pique your anticipation.
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    Liking my Supraphonic

    I traded my Crush Acrylic 14 X 7 snare for a new Ludwig Supraphonic. All I can say is wow. Now I understand. It is quickly becoming THE snare in my kit. My go to snare has been my DW 14 X 5 Collectors Copper and it still is but I'm really digging the Supra. I have a fairly nice collection of...
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    PDP Ace

    Picked up a floor demo PDP Ace tonight at Best Buy for 99.00 minus 10% off. With all the stock stuff it sounded pretty bad. Stripped it down (it was pretty dirty). Changed the heads to Ambassador/Ambassador Hazy. I didn't like the throw off but had a DW Delta that was from when I changed my main...
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    Black Beauty on the way

    I ordered my Black Beauty today. 14 X 5 nothing fancy just a plain old BB. I saw a used B Stock on Guitar Center for 319 but just wanted the real deal and new. It should be here in April. We'll see if it knocks my DW Copper 14 X 5 out of the kit. I have a lot of snares but thought I'd get the...
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    How can I tell a Ludwig snare?

    I found a 1966 metal Ludwig snare. I don't see a seam inside the shell and it has the lever that mutes the head. It has a Keystone Badge and a 307xxx number. Is it a Supraphonic? How can I tell? It is in great shape and is 300 bucks is that a good deal?
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    Drum tuning Nirvana

    I reached drum tuning nirvana today. I got all of my drums tuned and none of them cause either of my snares to buzz. All it took was to get rid of my Tama Starclassic Maple kit and get a DW Collectors kit. I then checked and wrote down the numbers using a DrumDial. Using DW stock Clear/Batter...
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    Edge vs Collector Metal

    Need a hand making a decision. I'm divided between two snares. I trying to decide which to buy. My current birch main snare is very loud and cuts through anything. It is great for many situations. But I want something a little more mild mannered (warmer). I'm between a DW Collectors Copper 5 X...