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  1. Frost

    Lost trying to create a sound

    Hey guys, sorry if I missed the mark on where this is supposed to be as I haven't been on in a while. I thought drum heads, but my google-fu is weak and I don't know how much of the recording and shells come into this. I have no idea how this sound is created...
  2. Frost

    Examples of where highly technical playing works

    Hey guys, Inspired by a related discussion in a similar thread I felt inclined to start this up. I know there are tons of flashy drum parts and solos out there but often they are great for what they are rather than as a cohesive part of the composition. Try look at it from outside of drummers...
  3. Frost

    One of the most incredible songs I've ever heard

    Sorry but I just had to share this! I know starting a whole thread over a single song is kind of lame but if any song deserves it, it's this, one of the most diverse and incredible pieces of music I've ever heard The recently released and utterly brilliant, And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope...
  4. Frost

    New sleepmakeswaves

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd share the new music video from the recently released "... and so we destroyed everything" album by sleepmakeswaves In my opinion they are one of the most exciting bands in the Australian music scene at the moment and as fellow drummers I think you'll agree, the drums...
  5. Frost

    How do you kick?

    With a lot of different techniques, many pioneered by members of these forums I'm just wondering which one most people use for single/double kicks. Personally I lead heel up with my left foot, blasting heel up with just my right foot. Kind of like running on the spot. A technique I picked up...
  6. Frost

    New Origin

    I know a lot of you are not fans but John Longstreth is in my opinion, the best tech drummer getting around right now. A track and studio video from the upcoming Origin album.
  7. Frost

    Playing (really) slow

    Just wondering how people go playing at very slow tempos. I've been attempting a lot of >40bpm stuff recently and might I say, it's not easy. I find with a metronome I have no problem, or using one of my feet or hands to follow the beat, but as soon as I try do anything complicated I quickly...
  8. Frost

    Michal Miskiewicz

    I couldn't find a thread on this guy, and might I say he is outstanding, I have not enjoyed listening to a jazz drummer this much in a long time. Some of his work with the fantastic Marcin Wasilewski Trio,
  9. Frost

    Psychosocial Baby

    Because Drummerworld needs more bait to lure the "maggots" out of hiding. One of the funniest mash ups in a long time, Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot
  10. Frost


    Just wondering who sings, particularly those trained in singing, looking for some technical advice. Initially I was struggling to sing most contemporary pieces as while many of the notes were in my range (edit: on the lower end of the scale), they were outside my voice typing and I was unable...
  11. Frost

    A strange occurrence while studying

    Just a random entertaining snippet from my life. Sitting around, writing an assignment at University, as you do, and I was asked to discuss the plausibility of a concept in an essay, so far, standard fare. So, as usual, I write the whole thing in one long tangent and begin to draft it...
  12. Frost

    Travis Barker

    You know, I reckon he's going to be big one day, like Gene Krupa big. They're going to hold him up as an example of drumming perfection for students everywhere. Max Roach? Max who. Travis is in town.
  13. Frost

    Best Song Ever

    Not making fun of any 13 year old girls in this thread. Well aware there will not be one, but it would be interesting to see what a few peoples idea of the best song ever is. Please play nice, don't give the whole, I couldn't possibly pick one answer, I'm sure there is something that you...
  14. Frost

    Worst. Song. Ever.

    Because it is Friday, and this is a music forum, it seemed fitting to share this,
  15. Frost

    Solo Piano Pieces

    There is definitely something special about the piano, it's versatile and completely ingrained in so many styles of music. I can sit and be entertained as a musician by so many different instrumental solo pieces, but I've found that practically anyone with any kind of interest in music can get...
  16. Frost

    Cymbal wish list

    Hey guys, just wondering what cymbals are on your wish list, whether dream or practical, if someone said go and grab something, what would it be. Personally, I'd love to get my hands on one of these babies, Istanbul Agop 24" Custom Series Turk Jazz Ride
  17. Frost

    Most Beautiful Piece Of Music You've Heard

    As the title suggests, I can think of a few personally, maybe Selene by Michael Manring - That is certainly up there for solo pieces, I also love Nick Cave - Into My Arms.
  18. Frost

    Video games

    and other such stuff.... Link this to music somehow if it makes you feel better, I just felt the need to create this due to the amazing passion that it is within my life. A lot of people criticize gaming as somewhat of a kids toy, something you grow out of as you get older, personally I find...
  19. Frost

    Van Canto

    Hey guys, sorry to start a thread on a band, but this is just absolutely hilarious, I couldn't help sharing. I'd feel sooo out of place as their drummer, you might be able to tell why. Van Canto - Battery (Metallica) cover - Van Canto - Wishmaster...
  20. Frost

    John Longstreth

    I don't know how familiar you guys are with him, but he is an absolute beast of a death metal drummer. One of the fastest drummers I have ever seen, an absolute rhythmic skull crushing machine. Check out the speed of the double strokes with his feet, the guy has ungodly ambidexterity as well...