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    Lugwig Legacy. How good of a deal is this?

    Came across this Ludwig Legacy kit used at a store. Haven't seen it yet in person as it's six hours away. The guy at the store said it was in good shape but not perfect (9/10). I'm not crazy about the finish but it's the sizes are what I prefer. They are 24x18,13x10,16x16,18x16. I put some...
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    Reasonable amount of time to ship a cymbal?

    I ordered a 18" Paiste Giant Beat last Wednesday (02/19) from a well-known and reputable online retailer. (I don't want to name anybody at this time.) I paid with Paypal and the money was deducted within a couple of hours. It is now six days later and the online system is still showing...
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    Show me your recording gear set-up

    Our band is new to recording and we are accumulating equipment quickly. It seems for every piece we buy, we need or want two more to make it better. We are thinking of a way to keep everything together and make it simple to set up and use. My thought was a cart with the mixer on top (Tascam...
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    Awesome addition to my man cave.

    My wife's uncle is a professional photographer who specializes in concerts. I asked him if he ever had a chance to photograph Led Zeppelin and he said he saw them when they played in OKC in 1977. He sent me a couple of photos of Bonzo that he had on the roll. Got them framed and up on the wall...
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    Cowbell suggestion

    Anybody have a cowbell suggestion for Nazareth-Hair of the Dog? I have tried to find what specific model Darrell Sweet used (I assume it was a Ludwig/Paiste) but have had no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Picked up my Ludwig Centennials today!

    New to me Ludwig Centennials that I picked up today. Made the 3 1/2 hour trek to Charlotte, NC with a buddy and had an awesome time. They are in excellent condition. Found one scratch on top of the bass drum about 2" long but nothing else. The 18" floor tom had not been played much if at...
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    Head combination for Ludwig Centennial

    I will be picking up my Centennial Moto next weekend and plan on changing all the heads. I have some common sized drums in my Pearl Export kit and have Evans G1 Resos that are in good shape. I plan on using all of those heads I can so I will only have to buy an 18" reso head for the Ludwig...