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    Can someone more experienced help me on tuning.

    Hey, I have been learing drums for 1 and a half year now and I dont know how to tune by ear, so I got a drumdial (not the digital one). I have an old used tama imperialstar drum set with the original skins on except the snare. The snare skin is Remo 14'' Controlled Sound X Coated Black Dot ...
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    What are my options for what I want to do?

    I have an acoustic drumset and I really like it. However I am not able to play anytime of the day other than afternoon (because of loudness) in which I have lessons. Is there a way to turn an acoustic drumset to electronic but still being able to get it back to accoustic easily when I want it...
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    Help something came off!!!!!!!!!!

    I was adjusting my snare wires when the big bolt that I was tieing fell off and so did a small spring. Where is the spring from how do I put it back together?
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    Should I buy a pa speaker?

    I want to be able to play along to a song and have my family or friends as an audience. The space that I play in is an empty big room with a lot of echo. Should I buy a sub 200 dollar pa skeaker. Will that do the job?
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    Which drum throne would you choose?

    This is somewhat of a big list of drum thrones. These all cost the same where I live. I want you guys to tell me what they have in common and the differences and what would you personally choose and why. DIXON PSN 9000 DW 5100 Drum Throne PDDTC00 Concept Series Drum Throne PDP DC-2.3 Drum...