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    It's all about the Paradiddle

    Hey guys, here is a video about the Paradiddle I made. Just wanted to share it and I hope you guys like it!
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    A Drum Lesson on Polyrhythms

    Hi there, I made a little lesson on Polyrhythms and thought you might like this. Thanks for your time and happy easter! With best regards, Michi
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    learn all 40 Rudiments

    Hi friends, Here is a Video Lesson I did on all 40 Rudiments. Hope you guys like this. Thanks for your time!
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    Songo - Latin Drum Lesson

    Hi friends, I just made this lesson about my favorite latin groove. Hope you guys like it!
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    Bonham Triplets

    Hi folks, Here is a little lesson I made on the legendary R-L-K Fill, often referred to as "Bonham Triplets".. even though Bonham mostly started them with the left hand. Hope you like it!
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    Getting started with Ghost Notes

    Hi there, Here is a little lesson I made. It's for everyone who wants to start using Ghost Notes and more interesting Hihat Patterns. Hope you guys like it!
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    electronic grooves

    hey guys.. here is a little lesson i made on some very modern electronic dance grooves. Hope you like it.
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    Bossa Nova

    Here is a little Video about one of the coolest styles. Bossa Nova. I hope you guys enjoy it. Have a wonderful new year and thanks for watching!
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    Take Five

    Hi there, I made a little lesson about one of my favorite grooves of all time. Take Five by Dave Brubeck with the incredible Joe Morello on drums. Hope you like it!
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    A Nice Jazz Fill-In

    Hey, here is a lesson I made on a Swiss Army Triplet Lick. It makes a perfect fill in for a swing groove. Hope you like, Michi
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    Quick little Drag Lick

    Here is a lick I like to play a lot. It's some kind of a drag. Really hope you guys like it!
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    Experiences with Video Lessons

    Hi, My name is Michi. I am a 29 year old drummer from Germany. A few years back I ran this FB page where I shared drum notation I made for my students. Then life happened and I stoped uploading stuff. Now I want to reactivate it, but with videos and a...