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    DrumToolz - new iOS app!

    Hey guys, I just released a new iOS app: DrumToolz. Here is a brief description from the App Store: DrumToolz completely revolutionizes how you practice the drums. In a league of its own, it lets you manually input drum beats (snare drum or drum set) and generate new creative ideas using what...
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    Need Beta testers from DrumShare iOS app!

    Hi all, I am in need of some beta testers for my new iOS app, DrumShare! If you have SnareTools, this is that app, but expanded to Drum Set, and with social features :) In DrumShare, you can -input and play back your own drumset beats. -generate new ideas for beats by mutating beats you've...
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    SnareTools iOS App!

    Fellow drummers! A couple of weeks ago I released an iOS app called SnareTools! It is a snare drum practice tool, letting you input rhythms to practice, or it can generate rhythms for you to practice. Get real-time accuracy feedback, and save rhythms for later to practice. Supports stickings...