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    Second public outing... It's My Life / Stormy Monday / When I Come Around - any comments appreciated!

    First time as a 3 piece, second time in front of the public Been on the drums for about 14 months All constructive criticism appreciated so I can improve! Best listening with Headphones Many thanks! James
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    Developing Limb independence (struggling with Creep (Radiohead) groove)

    Hi guys, may seem simple but I'm really struggling to play the 16th Kick in the song Creep without my HiHat hand wanting to do the same thing... I can play the kick pattern (inc snare if I want) on it's own fine, and I can play the HiHat part fine, but not together up to tempo (92 BPM I...
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    IEM just for the click (now with 1st live performance vid!)

    Hi all. Newbie here so please move this thread if I've posted in wrong place. I'm a novice drummer, and have got together with a few mates for a regular jam session at local studio. We've got our 1st public 'outing' in a couple of weeks at a local open mic night, then at a small family...
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    Roland TD11 'Strength of Pad Strike Level Gauge'

    Hi all Newbie here - please go easy on me!! My new TD11 module wont seem to go above 5 or 6 bars (not even halfway on the level gauge) - is this normal? Have tried playing with levels / kit vol in the sub menus etc but to no avail. Many thanks for any suggestions or advice!