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    Sabian HH Duo Ride

    Any opinions? Are they versatile like the HH mediums and OK in an unmic'd setting? Or are they really just a jazz or ride?
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    Interesting groupings - rudiments around the kit

    I've just learnt to play triplets in groupings of 4 around the kit as paradiddles and it sounds great (sort of implies a 3 over 4 polyrhythm). Does anyone have any similar groupings of rudiments which I could try out? Hope this makes sense!
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    Jazz - next steps for a beginner

    I’ve been playing drums for four years but still think of myself as a beginner and really want to develop my jazz playing so last week I arranged a beginners/intermediate jam (put an ad up and got loads of replies). I enjoyed it but thought I was terrible! I’ve got my ride cymbal pattern and...
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    Versatile Istanbul or Bosphorus

    Hi guys I'm after a versatile ride cymbal for funk, light rock and pop - I hear mainly about Bos/Istanbul for the jazzier side of things in light weights. But how are the mediums or heavies for a more versatile ride? EDIT: As they are heavier are they slightly drier sounding? I think that may...
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    Coated heads for kick drum?

    Hi - I'm going to go with Remo Ambassador for my kick. Anything thicker or premuffled just kills my Stage Custom 20 kick. Why is it that you rarely see a coated head on a kick? What are your opinions on coated or clear for kick drums? I'd be interested in your opinions for both batter and...
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    Sabian HHX Stage Ride

    Any good? Sound good in the sound files, but are they possibly a bit dull or 'lacklustre'?
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    Coltrane - Favorite Things

    As a relative beginner I'm getting together with a sax player to play My Favorite Things and other tunes. There's a couple of things I'd like to ask if anyone can help me with. Firstly, I can't make out exactly what Elvin Jones is doing with the hi hat - is he playing the chick on 2 and 3, or...
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    S-l-o-w jazz ballads

    Hi guys. I've not done a lot of jazz, and I'm about to play with a sax player. He's really into Sonny Rollins and wants to play a version of 'God Bless the Child' off the album Bridges. I've listened to the track but can't quite make out what's going on. There's a brush swish but there's...
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    Jazz Fake or Real books

    Hi guys Which one should I get? Fake or Real? If I go online on ebay or Amazon there's a few, all claiming to be the 'real' one! Any pointers? Cheers
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    M Birch vs Stage Custom

    HI guys I've got the chance to upgrade my Yamaha Stage Custom to a Mapex M Birch (both 20 x 16 kick), catch is I won't get a chance to try it first. How do you think I will find the Mapex sound in comparison?
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    Using ride cymbal well

    HI Guys One area of my playing I'm really not happy with is my use of the ride (I'm sort of beginner/intermediate). Whenever I move over to the ride I tend to get a bit of an uncontrollable wash. Sounds crude sort of. Any ideas? Is not controlling wash a common beginners fault? Its a...
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    Istanbul Samatya

    Hi, does any of the Istanbul experts know much about these? The crash caught my ear at a shop once and then I bought this 18" one when it came up on ebay for about 45BP. I really like it, not a particularly 'sophisticated' sound, earthy yet musical without being trashy or complex. My main...
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    20 x 16 Bass Drum Sound

    Hi guys I've got a Yamaha Stage Custom which is great, but I just can't get a decent sound out of the kick drum. I've heard that the bass drum is the weakest thing with these kits - is this true? Or is it the size and 20x16 kicks unlikely to get a really good sound? I'm no expert but...
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    Zildjian witout a stamp

    HI there I have a second hand 20 ride bought as zIldjian Avedis late '90s or so. I like the sound but the odd thing is it has no actual 'deep' embossed stamp - the Zildjian logo just seems a sort of dark etched type thing but its smooth. Did some Zildjians have this sort of 'stamp' at this time?
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    Hi Hat 16ths technique

    This guy posted a clip of himself playing solely to show of his Ludwig kit and not to do with technique. One thing I noticed was the relaxed look of his RH 16ths on the hat and ride and the accenting. How can I work...
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    Fitting a snare side reso

    Hi guys Having finally got to grips with tom heads and tuning, I thought I'd change my snare side reso from the stock one it came with. Problem is, when I put it on and tighten the lugs evenly, there is something very odd going on round the lugs either side of the snare fitting - the head...
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    Bass Head's - Unmic'd

    Sound wise, I've come to the conclusion that what I need to go with my PS3 reso (single ply muffled) is a two ply SK11, PS4 or EQ3 (I think I've got that right). I like a deep, thuddy, funky sound. However - having had limited experience of them I have two questions about these heavier 2 ply...
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    Bass Drum Reso Head Explanation

    EDIT: No replies so let me rephrase: Are single ply resos as 'standard' on bass drum as on toms?
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    Istanbul Samataya

    Hi there - anyone got any experience of these? I played one in a store ages ago and remember really liking it - sort of bright and modernish, fast, but with an earthy, musical undercurrent to it. Anyway, based on this I just got one off ebay - very cheap! I can't find any sound files on the...
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    Remo PS3 as Reso

    Just learning about heads etc. Very happy with my clear ambassadors, I play a very mixed bag of pop, soul, indie-pop. I play a Yamaha Stage Custom. On my my kick I've got a PS3 with the stock reso and I'm really not happy with the sound. I've tried loads of tightnessess and tuning but the PS3...