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    Will an Alesis DM10 sound good when played through stereo speakers?

    I have an Alesis DM10, and have been playing through headphones. I would like to have the option to play out loud, and was wondering if playback on stereo speakers sounds OK. I know that special sound systems are made for ekits. But they're more money than I want to spend. I would like to try...
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    Wish List

    All my gigs have cancelled through April. I wish that DW had a collaboration section. I can woodshed, but it's not the same as playing live with other musicians! Anybody have any thoughts or wishes during this corona virus hiatus?
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    Playing the ride cymbal

    I was listening to a recording of a swing band piece I did, and when the band got louder and higher pitched, I was riding higher on the cymbal, closer to the bell than the edge. Normally I ride closer to the edge, I like the softer sound. This got me thinking. Are there times when you move...