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    What is the appropriate amount of time to wait, until you can show your new Significant Other your Drums?

    Surely, if it's a first date she is not your significant other yet is she?
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    Remo Colortone - Yes or No?

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    In-Ear Monitors/Hearing Protection

    another thread about Vibes:
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    Vibes earplugs

    just posted how much I like the Vibes on this thread:
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    In-Ear Monitors/Hearing Protection

    Hi Elaine, I have not got any experience with that company and am only just starting down the IEM route myself. But these were recommended by Mike Dawson, The Managing Editor for Modern Drummer on the most excellent Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike Johnston...
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    Remo Colourtone

    I have the blue ones on the batter side on all my drums (not the bass drum) and love them, slightly more thuddy sound.