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    Playing “around” the beat

    Not sure if this is the correct term, but I’ve heard drummers talk about playing at the rising or falling edge of the beat. I don’t mean constantly pushing the beat ala Copeland or laying back like Cissy Strut (or distorting the beat like J Dilla). You can clearly hear it in those cases. I’m...
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    Unusual Rock Fills Examples?

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for examples of 'out of the box' type fills that caught you off guard. I'm not talking about EPIC fills that just sound cool or 'standard fills' (pat boon debbie boon, etc) which are well executed and sound right for the song. Most of the time, I can predict the general...
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    Ever created a drum track for a drumless song?

    I always thought this would be a great exercise in composition . Can you take a song which was never recorded with drums and add a drum track to it while still making it sound good? Heres an indie song from New Pornographers to try: Anybody have...
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    Andy Ward

    I don’t think I’ve seen him mentioned here before. I’ve recently been digging his live work with Camel back in the 70s. These two tracks are total monsters of deep groove. Especially ‘Never Let Go’, probably the only example of a prog rock song that you can actually dance to :-)...
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    A Ronaldo Time Signature

    Any thoughts on how to count out this tune? I think it's in 6/8 or something but the vocals twist things around somewhat