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    Ufip rough

    Hey, anyone have experience of these, where do they equate to lines from paiste etc etc?
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    yet another cymbal cleaning thread, sorry

    Ok so in my wisdom, way before I knew anything much about drums and cymbals I cleaned my paiste pst7 hats with either, ketchup or lemon juice or both (can't remember!). I've pretty much ignored the mess it made of my cymbals but it's now really annoying me so I'm looking to try and remedy. My...
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    guitar help!

    hello drummer friends, wrong forum I know! Ive been dabbling with my guitar a bit lately (nice to have another instrument, where you can be rubbish at it but thats ok, as drums is your main thing!) Anyway.... the guitar in question (a Squier affinity strat) has a slightly damaged body. I kind...
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    Accents (paradiddle)

    Ok so I'm finally getting round to trying to move the accent away from the 'pa' in a paradiddle....and it's a nightmare! I mean, literally cannot do it. I've been placing the same accent so long it seems impossible to break from it. Anyone else had this issue?
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    Album suggestions

    So I'm being lazy....recently been enjoying an album by John Martyn called Grace and Danger. Phil Collins is playing on drums. I love the vibe of this album and Phil's playing. Can anyone point me to some more albums with a) phil playing such groovey tasty stuff b) just anything with this kind...
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    remo silent stroke - what is the ACTUAL volume level?

    I’m considering getting some silent stroke heads for apartment practice. From the YT videos I’ve watched they seem relatively loud, and a few forum posts I’ve read suggest some still get complaints from neighbours. So I’m a bit reluctant to spend if I end up getting complaints. Any thoughts on...
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    alternatives to Roland VH-11 hi hat

    drummer friends.. so I've been a proud owner of a roland TD9 for a number of years. Its a great solution to apartment practice, with decent feel and sounds. The only niggle I've had with the kit since I bought it (used) is the hi-hat. It came supplied with a non-Roland hi hat pad (brand HXM?!)...
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    speaker purchase advice?

    Hi folks, does anyone have any experience with fairly low end powered speakers? I’m buying an xmas gift for someone…she wants a stereo/ music system. She said she wants it to “sound good” but I don’t think she appreciates that sounding good to me would mean spending a considerable amount of...
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    I finally made it out of the rehearsal room!

    So… last night, on the spur of the moment I decided to go to my first local pub jam, (and my first time ever playing outside of a rehearsal room!). A lot of fun, went pretty well, was a laid back atmosphere and so it was perfect situation to get me playing in front of others! I took a lot away...
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    drum related facebook groups

    Drumming FB groups – yes or no? I’m on the Art of Drumming- I don’t like it, but for some unknown reason I can’t bring myself to leave it and I still continue to browse much of the useless rubbish that’s on it!
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    drummer biographies & autobiographies

    Hello, just wondered if anyone has any good recommendations? there's a few "best of" lists on the search I did online, but I'd rather get some informed opinion for folks on here!
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    band direction

    Hello drummer friends, My band (who have still not managed to get out of rehearsals and into doing live gigs) are moving focus from rock/punk covers to original songs. Everyone in the band seems to be loving this idea …. apart from me My main issue is the original songs are quite average...
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    another tempo related thread

    Hi all, On listening back to a recording of a recent rehearsal with my band I decided to just set a metronome to some of the songs out of interest, just to see if we were keeping time and how it compared to the songs we are covering. To the ear it all sounded fine, I wouldn’t have picked up on...
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    stick breakage/ technique help please! :)

    Hi all, when jamming with my band I’m finding that I’m chewing up my sticks quite frequently due to burying them into the edges of the hi-hats (rather than playing on the top). I feel I need to do this to fit in with the loud guitars etc.. Its classic rock and punk covers we do. I’m thinking I...
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    rubber "grommets" under snare lugs?

    I have a basic premier steel snare, with what looks like rubber under the lugs. Does anyone think it worthwhile removing these? I dont see the purpose of them being there. My pearl steel snare doesnt have these. They may be dampening slightly and they don't look good (IMO)
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    Paiste rude 16" Crash-Ride

    Ok so I'm totally converted to this cymbal. Its serving me as a 2nd crash option, a Crash-Ride option and now also I've started using it as my main ride instead of my 20" alpha! My question is, when I (eventually!) do a gig, could I really use this cymbal as my main ride? It's 16" !! So I think...
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    ac/dc sin city

    Hi, so...folks often say AC/DC has easy drum parts, but....I'm struggling with sections of this one! The parts where the riff hangs on the D chord - the crashes are playing in tandem with the guitar strums I just about have it down and with a bit more practice I'll be able to play it BUT I've...
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    how essential are backing vocals in a band?

    (this might be in the wrong forum section!) My band have this long running discussion about needing a backing vocals but its fraught with problems - 1. Guitarist doesn't want to advertise for a guitar/backing vocalist. Insists on being the only guitar in the band 2. Bass player can do a little...
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    albums with missing drum kit elements

    When listening to Roger Waters last album I noticed that I didn’t hear a ride cymbal until the album was nearly finished, and even then it was very brief. This got me thinking, this is opposite to pink Floyd as Nick mason was very Ride heavy, his ride dominates most of the great albums! The...
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    Opinions on a cymbal trade please?

    Hi all, I have the following cymbals that I'm not totally happy with, both good cymbals, but I feel I'm missing something. Cymbals are: Paiste Rude 16" Crash/Ride (vintage 1980/81) Paiste Alpha 20" full ride Both good condition I'd like to trade these for the best possible ride I can