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    Q&A With Johnny Vidacovich Hi: I thought that members of the community, who dig Johnny Vidacovich, might like this interview that I conducted with him for DRUM! He is a true legend of New Orleans drumming and is Stanton Moore's mentor. Just...
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    Girls To Get Their Groove On For Second Annual "Hit Like A Girl" Drum Contest The 2nd Annual "Hit Like A Girl" Female Drumming Contest will be open for entries on Feb 1. To me, this is a great event as it enables female drummers to be recognized by the industry...
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    Dan Caro Takes A Ride With Exodus Cymbals; New Exodus Endorser Drummer Cafe is reporting that famed drummer, Dan Caro, is now endorsing Exodus Cymbals, a relatively new cymbal company in the U.S. Exodus uses an interesting recipe to build its cymbals.
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    Exodus Brings A Bronze New Beat To The Drum Industry I thought this news was interesting. Exodus is not really known here, but it looks like they are moving into the U.S. market. And, their process for making cymbals seems...
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    DRUM! Throws Percussive Party for Professor Peart Well, the October Issue of DRUM! is hip to Neil Peart's percussive playing on the new Rush Album, Clockwork Angel.
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    Enter Music Publishing Throws A Percussive; Neil Peart The link above discussed the October Issue of DRUM!, featuring Neil Peart waxing poetic on the new album.
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    Drum! Night 2012 A Hit With Diverse Drumming Performances; Paul Bostaph Reels In 2nd Annual BADAAS

    Just wanted to let the forum know that Enter Music Publishing's DRUM! Night was a booming success. For more info, check out the following link:
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    Enter Music Publishing Grooves Forward With The 17th Annual Drummies Voting Now Open Till May 1

    If this news is already out there, I'm sorry, I tried a search At any rate, Drummies voting is now open. Here's the link. Have a great drummin day.
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    DRUM! Magazine, Tom-Tom Mag And Major Drum Companies Conduct “Hit Like A Girl” contest

    Hi: DRUM! Magazine, Tom Tom and a number of drum companies are conducting the biggest female drumming contest, "Hit Like A Girl." All of you female drummers in this forum. Get your groove thing on and go to: additional info...
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    DRUM! Magazine Continues Its Metal Ride; Mastodon's Brann Dailor

    First, happy holidays to the forum. Next, DRUM! is currently featuring Mastodon's humble hitter, Brann Dailor on its December Issue. It's quite an interesting read. For additional info, visit the following link...
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    DRUM! Magazine Reels In Will Hunt; Hired Gun To Evanescence

    I'll be honest, I had no idea, who Will Hunt was until I read the current issue of DRUM!, which features him on the cover. Though I'm not particularly a fan of most metal, I was very taken by his story. Hunt, as you probably know, made a name for himself as the hired hit man for bands, like...
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    Enter Music Publishing Has A DRUM! Deja Vu; Charlie Benante

    I thought that those members of the forum, who dig Charlie Benante, would be interested in knowing that he is on the cover of DRUM! But, there's more to it than that... Check out the following link for more info:
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    Chad Smith Covers DRUM!; Exclusive Interview With Chad Chatting Peppers Percussion

    Hi: I thought that any drummers, who dig Chad Smith, might be interested in the fact that he's on the current cover of DRUM! in an exclusive interview. Chad discusses everything from his first kit, made of Baskin Robbins packaging to new 7/8 grooves. For additional info and to read an excerpt...
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    Enter Music Publishing Plays In The Community; DRUM! Night/Lincoln High

    Hope you're all well. I thought it was important to make this post because it's extremely important, in my opinion, to the future of drumming and the industry. DRUM! Magazine, in conjunction with The San Jose Jazz Festival, will be putting on a benefit, DRUM! Night. What's really cool about the...
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    Mike Portnoy's Dream Plays Out; Gavin Harrison, Stanton Moore

    If you already know this info, then I apologize. I tried to search so as not to post anything twice. At any rate, Mike Portnoy won DRUM! Magazine's "Best Drummer and "Best Metal Drummer" and placed behind Gavin Harrison, who won "Best Progressive Drummer." In my mind, this is great news to...
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    Spencer Strand Wants To Give The Drummers Some: Test Of Time Vol. 10

    Well, I thought this info would be of interest to drummers, seeking innovative instruction. Spencer Strand, a well-respected, publisher has released his latest Lay It Down, Lay It Low. It kicked my butt, honestly. For more info: Have a drumming day.
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    Travis Barker The Talk Of Tinsel Town; But Enter Music Publsihing Traps Him Again

    Hi: This is to inform those drummers, who appreciate Travis Barker that Enter Music Publishing will be conducting a "Travis Barker Week" from April 18 through the 25th. For additional info, visit the following link.
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    Enter Music Publishing’s Drummies Hit Hard: 4600 Drummers Cast Votes Since March 10

    Just wanted to let you know that voting in this year's Drummies has been very strong and much thanks to those of you, who have casted votes. As my title of this post notes, approximately 4600+ drummers have casted voted so far. Remember: Anyone can vote at Thanks...
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    Enter Music Publishing Presents: The 16th Annual Drummies With Voting Now Open

    Before I get to the Drummies, I would like to say that it's been a sad week for the Drum Industry with the passing of Herman Ernest and Joe. May they both be drumming in a great place. Next, if you want to vote in DRUM!'s Drummies, simply go to As you probably...
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    Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann Discuss Forty Years Of Collaboration In DRUM! Magazine

    Well, I thought the forum might be interested in the fact that for the first time ever, The Grateful Dead drummers, have conducted an interview for the current issue's cover. For additional info, check out the following link...