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    Your Holiday Songs

    Have you played on any holiday song recordings? I'd like to hear them. Here's one of mine. "You Put the 'Ho Ho Ho' into Christmas Time" by Noodle Muffin
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    It Was A Really Good Day

    I pretty much quit celebrating birthdays after 50, three years ago, which is why I usually don't mention it or list it anywhere. I also left social networking in mid-2014, which means that almost nobody remembers it anymore. That's fine. It started out as a just another typical December 3rd...
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    TJS Custom Maple

    I haven't seen any TJS drums, so figured I'd share my kit. Installed a custom bass drum resonant head, and figured I may as well clean it up a bit and do some staging. Sizes: 20"x12" bass drum 13"x5.5" snare 10"x5" soprano snare 10"x6" floating tom 13"x7" floor tom The kit was made in the...
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    David Dockery: Drumming to TV and Movie Scenes

    I found this yesterday on YouTube, and think it's worth sharing. The rhythms that he finds in TV and movie clips have some satisfying moments. This is my favorite.