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    Yamaha tom arm on a Sonor bass drum??

    Hey guys, Just wondering if a Yamaha tom arm...
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    New recital video!!
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    Short jam with friends!
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    Bought a ZOOM H1! Test + some afro-cuban ideas.
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    Sabain Vault Tour??
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    HATS - HHX Groove vs K Custom Special Dry vs Byzance Medium
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    Carlock solo from 1998

    Hey guys. Don't know if this has been posted here or not!
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    Short Improvised Solo
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    Yamaha Tour Custom bass drum spurs??

    Hey, I just received my new Yamaha Tour Custom in Ocean Blue. I am trying to set them up but cant figure out how the bass drum spurs work.. Basically my bass drum is on a wooden floor right now, so i want to push the rubber thing out instead of the pointed metal thing sticking out...
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    Anyone know who this drummer is??

    Hey guys, Can anyone please identify this drummer for me?? Some people are saying its Chris Dave, but I want to be sure.. Thanks.
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    Software to create click-tracks?

    Hey guys, I really need to start working on my time, so I am looking for a program (for Windows) that will enable me to create different click tracks. For example, if I want to practice 4/4 grooves, I would like to be able to create a track with a cowbell (or whichever sound) on quarter notes...
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    Catalina Maple vs Meridian Maple vs 3007 force??
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    Dave Weckl and Zoro covers..

    Hey guys, I recorded myself again, with a better camera this time. Rainy Day - Dave Weckl Funky Monk - Zoro Island Magic - Dave Weckl
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    Dave Weckl Play-along - Island Magic

    hey guys.. here is a piece I have been working on for my college auditions. The quality isnt great and my solo isnt perfectly planned.. but here it is anyway..
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    Tama cowbell clamp problem..

    Hey guys... I just purchased a tama clamp for the bass drum.. But whenever I play the cowbell for about a minute...It loosewns up and the cowbell falls.. The same thing happens when I just let it be..I guess due to the vibrations of...