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    Cancer Killing Gemini- hard rock, congas, funky organ, vomit, and a drum solo

    My band just released a tune I think you guys would like. It is what you might call a genre bender. The verses have a funky conga thing going on. The choruses are straight up hard rock. The bridge you just have to listen to. Funky organ + super-compressed room mic drum solo. Check it out. It's...
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    Original song: sounds like Steely Dan x Nine Inch Nails?

    Hey guys, my band Cancer Killing Gemini recorded this a couple months ago. A couple of my drummer friends really liked it, so I'm wondering what the general consensus is. I was attempting to channel Gadd on this one. It's got a weird vibe. I always have trouble describing what the song sounds...
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    Blues Tune with a Wild Double Drumset Groove (track 8- burnin' down the dog) When we first had the idea to include a tune with two drumsets on the album, I scoured the web for anything similar to what I was imagining. But whenever I found something with two kit players, they were almost always playing in unison...
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    Open back headphones for live click track?

    Hey guys I've just started playing with a band that uses a live click track. The only thing coming through the phones will be the click, so I don't care what the phones sound like. The only thing I care about is hearing the live sound undistorted. And I play with a pair of custom mold earplugs...
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    Practicing while living in a city?

    I'm moving to Boston real soon, but I've never lived in a building with other people before. What do city people do for storage and practice? I saw some practice space warehouse type places online, but I can't keep my drums there, and I don't want to play their crappy community sets anyway...
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    Guess my influences on this track

    When I write drum parts, all I do is rip people off. If anyone can name the drummers I was channelling on this track, I'll give you mad props.