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    Drum ideas for one year old?

    Hi all, Been drumming my whole life, about 30 years, and have a one year old. Around 9 months I’d have him sit between my legs and I’d play some stuff on the carpet, then he’d take the sticks and bang a bit, then I’d take them back, and so on. He also taps on pillows, blankets, etc. I know he’s...
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    Durability of DW 9002 vs Pearl Powershifter

    Evenin' I bought a Pearl Powershifter double pedal in the early 2000s and it's now starting to give me more and more annoying little problems. So my question is, 9002 has been out for a while now, how durable is it? Here are some of the annoyances I've experienced with my Pearl. Hinge at the...
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    Direct Inguinal Hernia Surgery-drumming life after?

    Hi, all! I have a direct inguinal hernia. It doesn't hurt and surgery is optional, though the doc advised I do it while I'm younger. I play in two bands, one is like the Beatles and the other is a pretty up tempo psych rock group that has some chop heavy parts. Can anyone give some advice...