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    Fusiony rock track

    Thanks man! It’s a mapex Orion kit. Snare is a Yamaha absolute maple. And yes there’s definitely compression on the snare! Added some saturation as well.
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    Fusiony rock track

    Made this track as recording practice. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Gtr. + Drums

    Adding some drums and bass to this cool video from Brad Williams. Any critique welcome! Thanks!
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    Tracking Drums

    So many! Mark Guiliana, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak, Nate Wood, Matt Chamberlain, Brian Blade, Clyde Stubblefield, Jabo Starks, and on and on haha
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    Tracking Drums

    totally understand. Thanks for checking it out!
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    Tracking Drums

    Recording drums for a friend on this electronic track.
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    Playing some stuff in 11/8

    Since all my work has been canceled I’ve been trying to practice a lot and create something everyday. Curious to see what you all think of this! Any critique is welcome. Be safe everybody!
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    My Debut Album! Numb

    Thats me. Its tough being that old.
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    My Debut Album! Numb

    Thank you! And thank you for taking the time to listen. Yes I perform this music out at venues where I live in Chicago.
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    My Debut Album! Numb

    I just released an album of my own compositions. I got some great dudes to play on it and would love to hear any critique or advice from you great drummers here! The album is available on all streaming platforms: spotify, apple muic etc. You can also stream or purchase the album here if you...
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    Derek Trucks Groove

    Thank you sir!
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    Derek Trucks Groove

    Practicing some groove with this Derek Trucks Loop. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Beck's "Chemtrails"

    My trio performing our version of Chemtrails. Any comments or critique are welcomed! thanks for your time!
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    Greg Essig Trio My trio performing a tune I composed, any critique welcome! Thanks for your time guys! Greg
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    Manjunath B.C. carnatic drumming

    Transcribed one of Manjunath's amazing mridangam videos. Check it out of you dont mind and have a spare minute. Thanks for your time y'all!
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    Terryfolds (Rick and Morty) Little vid I made from this HILARIOUS rick and morty tune. Any feedback welcome! Thanks! Greg
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    Radiohead Fusion

    This is a little arrangement I put together of the Radiohead tune "all I need". Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time! Greg
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    Brian Blade Season of Changes some video i took of myself experimenting over the vamp on Blade's tune Season of Changes. Any comments or critique are welcome! thanks so much for checking it out. G
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    Beat groove thing i dunno Made this loop to shed to. Any critique is welcome! Thanks for your time! Greg
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    playing with Oteil Burbridge through the magic of internets oteil made a sick instagram vid and i just had to play with it! any critique welcome! thanks! G