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    making progress without a drum set

    hey, let´s say I won´t be having an acces to my drums over the next period of time due to certain circumstances for as much time as I had until now. let´s say I won´t sit behind the drums 20 hours a week but just 10, is it possible to stay in shape and get better with just a practice pad and a...
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    autistic kid doing beats

    is this for real?
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    What should a drummer be able to play after 1 year

    Is there something each decent drumme r should be able to play or what most drummers are able to play? ive been playing almost for a year now and im trying to compare myself with drummers who played the same amount of time. like playing paradiddles at a certain tempo, singles, double, heel toe...
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    JIm Chapin exercise

    Hey im doing his book advanced technique for the modern drummer, so I got to the triplet stuff and teh exercises says to play triplets with left hand and dotted sixteenhs on ride with right. I mean, how am I suppose to that? any ideas? I got quite confused when I saw it
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    Reverse kit

    has anybody converted from crossover to open hand playing? like putting your highhat from left to right and reversing it with floor tom and ride? or did you do something else? I did it today and it felt different a lot. im also trying to develop my left side this way better. share your opinision...
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    My practice pad and sticks

    Am I the only one who brings these two literarilly everywhere? I mean I take them to school, I take them to gym etc. during some lessons I just take out my sticks and do finger technique in mid air or practice traditional grip with pad on my thigh that way the teacher doesnt notice. my mates...
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    how are my doubles

    hey recently I told myself and also my teacher did that I need to work on my doubles. i recorded myself in order to map my progress whats the constructive criticism on this one?
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    Diet and Drummiong

    hey, i go to to the gym now and then doing some bodybuilding stuff and at the moment im trying to lean out which means cutting back on those calories and especially carbs which are pretty low, how do u think cutting these little guys would affect your drumming since its something like a fuel for...
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    Getting in a band with older musicians

    Hey, do you think there could be a problem if a young lad like me (im 18) gets in band with older people? Like not that I mind playing with older people but musically could it become an obstacle like in opinions etc. Im going to audition to a band where there 2 26 y olds and 36 y old guy. is...
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    my fingering technique check

    hi, I started working on my fingers, but im not sure if im doing it right, was wondering if any good soul could watch the 10 second video and say whatt im doing wrong and what should i concentrate on more. thanks.
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    Cymbals and stuff

    hey, I just noticed that on my crash cymbal there is always some weird markings like from the stick and after some time some green stuff appears. I clean them with a towel before and after every playing but it still does but its only on my crash I dont know what to do its really bugging me...
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    If I knew then what I know now

    what would you change if you had the possibility to return to your past self with your today´s knowledge? me I probably wouuldn´t rush so much with everything a slow things down which wouldn´t result in being so sloppy as I am now.
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    band disband

    hey, imagine you´re paying for a music room with 2 other guys and then for example the group disbands or you go to another band. how should one solve this situation and who should be in possession of the music room? any personal experience?
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    Rainforest Schmainforest

    hey recently some water broke into our music room, it got a bit moist. can it somejow affect my cmbals or drums or guitar equipment? what steps should I follow to make it better?
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    how often do you pracitce

    im surprised i havent found this thread here. soo how many hours a week do you pracitce? me myself practice like 6-8 a day on weekends and about 3-4 hours on week days maybe more pplus lessons.
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    Need some advice playing doubles and double bass

    hey, I got a double bass pedal like 6 weeks ago didnt focus on it to much but now id like to incomponate some double bass do my music. But I got a problem that my left foot cant keep up with the right and is really not good. I tryed to max out with both legs and did aabout 180 bpm eights on...
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    newbie in a band

    Hey im a newbie in playing in a band and also to playing lol. been playing for 6 months so far. ive got some decent first steps with my teacher but the more I play the more I learn I need to know lol :D well the problem is I used to play to a lot mp3s and there was no problem during that...