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  1. bermuda

    Finally a great throne that doesn’t weigh a ton !!

    Thanks, will check it out. Since getting the Yamaha Crosstown HH stand, my throne is now the single heaviest piece of hardware in my bag!
  2. bermuda

    I did an interview (a career in drumming)

    Made it all the way, very good! Love the part about "it's not who you know, it's who knows you" - I've been saying that for years! :)
  3. bermuda

    I did an interview (a career in drumming)

    What I've heard is great! I'm listening in sections, but I'll make it all the way through!
  4. bermuda

    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    If the players are dedicated to their instrument, and the band is any good and makes a few bucks, and if it's fun... there's no reason this relatively small hiccup should cause the band to split.
  5. bermuda

    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    You're lucky to have had gigs at all! I'm in Los Angeles, playing with 3 bands full-time and subbing with 2 others, and I haven't played a gig in over 6 months (March 10 was the last one!) It'll all come back though, just a matter of time. Career musicians and part-time players will be back to...
  6. bermuda

    Soultone Vintage Old School 1964

    Masterwork originally made all of the Buzin (pre-Soultone) cymbals, and is now one of three foundries making cymbals for Soultone. As with most cymbal brands, many of the Soultones sound nice. And I always advise buying the cymbal that sounds good to your ear. But you first need to hear a...
  7. bermuda

    Cosmo Clearwater Revival

    Oh yeah, that had the airline commercial song... Thank you, yes that's mine! :)
  8. bermuda

    Cosmo Clearwater Revival

    I always liked CCR and appreciated his drumming. Nothing really remarkable about it, just always the right parts and a nice feel. I guess nailing the simple stuff is remarkable enough. :) I saw them as Creedence Clearwater Revisited about 20 years ago in Cabo San Lucas, on the beach for a major...
  9. bermuda

    My snare likes cheap heads and snare wires

    My Black Beauties sound best with the stock Ludwig wires, which are akin to the Gibraltar $10-12 models. 😮
  10. bermuda


    Practicing, learning, and growing as a drummer/musician is just the means to an end. That end is playing with other musicians. That is, playing songs. There are only a handful of drummers who are exceptions to that outcome - Terry Bozzio is a prime example. But don't forget that he also played a...
  11. bermuda

    7-Piece Jeff Ocheltree Set

    Sorry Seth, please post this in:
  12. bermuda

    Why do you Play?

    Simply because I enjoy playing the drums. I have no musical or artistic or spiritual agenda to go with that - I just like playing. So I enjoy every song I play, even the dreaded Mustang Sally and Brown Eyed Girl! I'm especially grateful that I make my living playing, and I enjoy the things that...
  13. bermuda

    Question for Ludwig experts:

    When the SS came out around 1961, Ludwig's "metal" snares were brass. So for a few years until Ludalloy was introduced, they were all COB. Ludwig dabbled with COB re-issues over the years, but I'm not sure if they were the SS model. One of my favorite snares is a 6.5" SS from that era, but it...
  14. bermuda

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    14x26, 7x11, 13x15 and 7x14 snare.
  15. bermuda

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

  16. bermuda

    Lost some precious stuff.

    I'm sorry to hear that. On rare occasions I leave my stuff in the car overnight, and I always promise myself to never do that again. This is a good reminder to us all.
  17. bermuda


    It's probanly a Spoxe, basically a Roto-Tom frame without the head. Terry Bozzio pioneered those in the '80s, I think he even had two set-up like hats.
  18. bermuda

    Post your Gig Pics

    I've been playing with the Zero G Band since 2011.