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  1. Nick G.

    building drums ? finishing drums ?

    basically, ive just been swayed by watching a benny greb video of him with just a snare/floor/kick no i know im know benny haha but i like the idea of the setup and ive got rid of all my drums except for these i had the idea of selling all my drums (cheap gretsch catalina maple) to hopefully...
  2. Nick G.

    syncing up music with video on a mac?

    i guess my best video editing software is iMovie, my issue is how to sync the recorded audio up with the video ? i also have logic pro which i think you can edit video somewhat in ? i found some software that can do it but its also £100, worked pretty well on the trial version though :) but id...
  3. Nick G.

    Maths Coursework for my degree

    hey guys, i need to get 30 results for this questionnaire im doing on mobile phones if you could fill it out it only takes 30 seconds cheers!! i know some of the questions are a bit ambiguous, it is supposed to be like that :P
  4. Nick G.

    me having a short jam

    i still need to get a camera in order to get some youtube videos up but heres a quick demo of my playing, had a go without a click track as i was just testing out some of the plugins gavin harrison uses on his drums unfortunately no tom mics and no real idea of how to get them louder :P let me...
  5. Nick G.


    Hey guys, being from the UK i've noticed a lot of cheaper prices from american stores/sites (ebay mainly) for example a cymbal in the uk may be double the price as one from america. bu my real question is about the shipping? most of these cheap prices seem to be from legitimate ebay stores...
  6. Nick G.

    hhx evolution cymbals

    i have the chance to get a full set of these, but no way of testing can anyone tell me if these would be good for rock/funk/pop? seem to be a bit more jazzy but hard to tell from the sabian sound clips cheers!
  7. Nick G.

    another new track from my band - Arkland

    The tracks called saturday We recorded it in 6 hours as we were offered it for an extremely cheap price, i personally think its come out the best of all our songs. Let me know what you think and if you like it maybe give us a like on facebook :) Facebook: Soundcloud...
  8. Nick G.

    new snare ?

    so im looking for a new snare. really fancy a nice brass one - like the black beauty brass on brass but unfortunately dont have that sort of money. can anyone recommend something similar? what are these worldmax snares like ...
  9. Nick G.

    how long is a set? weirdish question

    heres a question ive been thinking about whilst reading some threads in this forum. basically, ive never played more than a hour long set which was super fun (not a headline slot either) but from what i see here people playing 4 hour long sets? what does this actually consist of? 4 hours solid...
  10. Nick G.

    my band's (Arkland) new track - The Whites

    Hey guys check it out :) it was recorded in one day but mixed in more obviously :P let me know what you think, perhaps even like our facebook page if you like the sound :) Soundcloud Facebook Cheers! Nick
  11. Nick G.

    ahhh just got my website up :P

    pretty scary times but its online obviously everything isnt smoothed out (nor are some of the external details) and i havent published it anywhere yet (except here) but if you guys could let me know what you think, that would be awesome: also, if you find any spelling mistakes...
  12. Nick G.

    kits facing the wall when recording?

    why dont people do this (or a least often)? is it because of the sound reflections of the wall into the mic ? if there is sufficient sound proofing could it counter act this ? cheers
  13. Nick G.

    quick business lesson please :P ?

    so basically, im going to start doing online sessions for people and im creating a website, i will obviously be charging for this service so heres the question do i need to set the website up as a business or can i leave it as a personal site that i could potentially be earning money off ...
  14. Nick G.

    My bands first real shot at a festival!

    Hey guys, some of you might have seen me lurking around these forums some of you might not but hey, maybe we can talk soon :) My band, Arkland, have entered a competition to open The Green Man Festival this august and we're currently in first place! Basically, we need to stay in the top 5 to...
  15. Nick G.

    recording the snare ?

    i have a problem when recording my snare on my drums im using an sm57 with 2x se1a's as overheads through the overheads i get a pretty nice snare sound but its low in the mix and i cant get it just how i want it but through the sm57 i get an ok sound but a horrible overtone ring on it, my...
  16. Nick G.

    drums clipping when recording?

    so i have 4 mics over my kit constantly cos i just find it nicer to play with a sweet sounding miced kit :P but through my mixer (m-audio projectmix) all my drum channels are clipping even if the gain is turned completely down. when recorded they sound fine but the visual of the audio is...
  17. Nick G.

    building a snare

    i've had the ida of getting a new snare in my head for about a month, so ive done the obvious thing of checking non stop at the snares on ebay :P i recently found a guy selling the shells and the look pretty nice and now i have a few questions 1. what sort of sound will i be getting from...
  18. Nick G.

    2 leg hi hat stands?

    best bang for the buck ? so ive decided instead of buying a new sound this month to buy something that may/should improve my comfort/set-up when playing ive seen a number of different stands all varying in prices from the Stagg HHD-508 Pdp 820 Series DW 3500t DW 5500TL DW 9000 and others what...
  19. Nick G.

    my bands 4 track demo - mix/mastered

    listen on facebook listen on myspace let me know what you think hope you like it :)
  20. Nick G.

    Drum Cover - Ellie Goulding - The End first one (of hopefully many) ive posted, not perfect but i like it :) let me know what you think sorry about the brightness and the nice flowery suitcase in front of the camera ;)