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  1. joshisaces

    My kit updated! Lots of HQ Pictures!

    So, I got bored yesterday and decided to set up a photoshoot with my lady...... EDIT: Specs! DRUMS: Tama Rockstar DX 22x18 (Aquarian SK I Batter/Remo Ebony Pinstripe Reso w/ 5in. Porthole) 12x10 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso) 13x11 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso) 16x16 (Aquarian...
  2. joshisaces

    WOOO! Playing Music!

    I'm sorry the thread title wasn't interesting enough. It seems like lately everyone has been fishing for compliments. Let's face it, there's not much to say when critiquing drum recordings/videos. "Great Job!" or "Unbelievable" or "Yikes....." Hahaha. I've recorded another video. That one beat...
  3. joshisaces

    Aquarian Cymbal Spring help!

    I got an Aquarian Cymbal Spring today for my china. I've had some probablems with it however. The two rubber things it comes with don't completely tighten the china. There's room left over between the two red things. Also, when I hit it, the spings click when they move around. It's pretty...
  4. joshisaces

    Vic Firth Nova sticks?

    Has anyone ever used these? Are these seconds or something? I need some cheap sticks but I don't want them to be made of like... driftwood. haha Does Vic Firth actually make these?
  5. joshisaces

    Drum Cover (Who likes VersaEmerge?) ahaha Let me know how you liked my flailing arm technique (patent pending). ;)
  6. joshisaces

    GIF image for an avatar?

    How do you make a GIF file your avatar. When I upload a GIF file it just freezes at a spot and doesn't move.
  7. joshisaces

    Zildjian Z3 replacing Z Customs? OR adding on?

    Are the new Zildjian Z3's replacing the Z Custom line or are they simply adding on to them? Or, are they a whole new line of cymbals?
  8. joshisaces

    Celebrety Apprentice thoughts?

    I'm pissed that Joan won. She has an unethical personality and is in-your-face rude and obnoxious. She isn't professional and quite frankly, she's FUGLY. What are your thoughts?
  9. joshisaces

    Pitch Black Sighting!

    I was watching a Motley Crue Concert on TV and there I saw Tommy Lee with a FULL set of pitch blacks! I knew Zildjian probably encourages some artists to take pictures with them but to actually play in a HUGE venue live with them?! It was the craziest thing. Has anyone seen travis barker...
  10. joshisaces

    New cover. ISMFOF

    I love these guys! Critique my flailing arm technique ;P
  11. joshisaces

    AAXplosion old logo!

    When did they switch to the new design/logo?
  12. joshisaces

    20" Sabian AA Medium Ride

    blahblahblah. I recently bought it without hearing it and couldn't find very much information about it. Anyone have any sound bytes, videos, etc.? Can you give me some info on it? It's in the natural finish.
  13. joshisaces

    Building a drum cage ?

    Has anyone ever built one before? What are the steps to building one? What will I need? How much do you think it'll all cost?
  14. joshisaces

    Snare made out of a wheel of a Ford automobile!

    You have to check this dude out! He made a snare out of a wheel on his car. So creative and neat. If the snare in the background is that snare then it sounds great! EDIT: That is the snare in the back ground. Cool stuff.
  15. joshisaces

    Can I get some beater suggestions?

    I have DW beaters and imo these are way too bulky to tolerate fast double bass. Can you recommend me some beaters that wouldn't lag? Also, if it's a 2-sided beater that's much better, because I use the hard side... Thanks
  16. joshisaces

    Came across yet another good deal!

    Zildjian A Custom 8" Splash - $40 I think I'm going to bite at it, so talk to me... How do you like it? here's a picture (what is the dark circle in the middle by the hole?):
  17. joshisaces

    FINALLY! Pics of my kit!

    It's a Tama Rockstar DX. 22x18 (Aquarian SK I Batter/Remo Ebony Pinstripe Reso w/ 5in. Porthole) 12x10 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso) 13x11 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso) 16x16 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso) SNARES: 13x7 Pork Pie Pig Lite Amber Acrylic Snare with full tube...
  18. joshisaces

    A clear snare batter head ?

    Are there any clear snare batter heads? Or maybe even tom heads that work good for snare batter heads? I have an acrylic snare and It would look so cool if there was a clear head to use as the batter head, though it may take some of the sound qualities away from the drum. So, is there a clear...
  19. joshisaces

    Snare sounds SO bad!

    Story time :) This old pearl 14" snare drum at church had an old worn Power center reverse dot on the batter and an old stock reso. I took my pretty much brand new power center reverse dot and put it on it and it sounded sweet! The next week I put my old Evans genera reso on the snare...
  20. joshisaces

    Back into the motion of making videos...

    Kanye west drum 'cover' Your opinion would be appreciated :)