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  1. k3ng

    Fiberskyn 3 equivalent

    I was combing the archives on the fiberskyn and I didn't get the info I needed. Doing some market research. What's the closest equivalent to the fiberskyn 3 sound from other manufacturers? I'm pretty sure only remo makes the actual texture of the fiberskyn and no one else does that coating but...
  2. k3ng

    Hooper Smack it's been more than a year?

    You last visited: 09-05-2010 at 04:51 PM WOAH I haven't been on this place in a while! It's good to be back! HI ALL THE NEW FACES! Hi some of the old ones? You still around? Cheers folks and Happy New Year.
  3. k3ng

    Queens College New York, Jazz program

    Or as it is known, the Lawrence Eisman Center for Preparatory Music. I was told by a friend to check out their jazz program. Apparently they have some strong teachers there, but I've checked their website and there is little information about it. Anyone with any information regarding this...
  4. k3ng

    Bosphorus Hammer 22"

    In my quest to acquire a good solid jazz cymbal, my eyes turn to Bosphorus. Anyone have any experience and/or review of the Bosphorus Hammer series 22"? I've heard it on their website and it's deliciously gorgeous to my ears... and I found one for relatively cheap and I'm very very tempted to...
  5. k3ng

    Live from MI!

    Hey there drummers! Long time no see! Been incredibly busy in school lately, so I haven't been around for months. I will make my comeback soon.. but for now, here's a small little (crappy audio due to laptop recording.. bear with it please) clip live from my practice lab in MI. A little...
  6. k3ng

    Cymbal suggestions (many requirements)

    I need a cymbal. But I've got many limitations. - Cheap budget -$200??? or less... (on a student budget.. go figure) - Primarily a crash, but useable as a second ride - versatile for jazz/pop styles, Suggestions?
  7. k3ng

    Buying on Craigslist/Ebay

    Suppose there's a thread out there somewhere, but don't think it addresses my question. I'm looking for a kit (look in the Classifieds thread if you think you can help me out) and I'm considering buying online too. Just before I dive head in to it, any warnings/things I should know about...
  8. k3ng

    Clenching problem

    Hey Ho drummerworld forum-ers!!! It's been a while! Greeting from Hollywood! Haven't been around here in ages due to school in MI (having loads of fun and learning tons) I've been noticing a problem with my jaw recently.. I seem to have developed a problem with clenching my teeth when I'm...
  9. k3ng

    Chinese Potatoes

    Is it normal for a China to go potato chip shaped after a while? Mines gone all wobbly looking after some bashing away at it (my first China and it's a cheap one too.. came free with the Meinl pack I bought) And if yes, then how fast do China's normally go potato chip? -KJ
  10. k3ng

    I'm curious

    to know the reason why this L R L R L R L R L R L R L R is always easier than this L---L---L---L---L---L---L---L R--R---R--R---R--R---R--R (double stopping or flamming btw) I'm sure there's a scientific reason for this. And I'm just curious to know it.
  11. k3ng

    the left/right stick phenomenon.

    I don't know if this occurs to you guys. Picture this scenario. You're woodshedding and you've got a new pair of sticks. You start off using them and pretty soon (or much later depending on how quickly you wear sticks) you notice that they've started to wear and tear. One stick has got more...
  12. k3ng

    Unconscious switch

    I looked at my technique today and found out something interesting. I've subconsciously and unintentionally switched to a middle finger fulcrum from an index finger fulcrum in my right hand. I've no idea when I made this switch.. it's just weird. And all my strokes and speed feel completely...
  13. k3ng

    When everything you know is 'wrong'

    Hey guys! Just started my first day at MI... and I'm AMAZED at how differently they expect you to play than what I've already been hearing and doing almost all my drumming life. I may be wrong on most of them, and it's good to know how it really works, but then again there are just some...
  14. k3ng

    America Here I Come!

    AMERICA HERE I COME! Dear Americans, beware of the impending invasion of KJ Wong! Within the next 48 hours, KJ wong will touch down in LAX for the very first time! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Gosh... I'm just so excited... beginning my Spring semester in Musicians Institute. Wish me luck...
  15. k3ng

    To those who use remote hi hats

    Do you keep a hi hat in the original position? Meaning using 2 sets of hi hats? Or do you use the remote one and to hell with the other one? If so, how in the world are you spose to do 2 handed 16 beat rhythms on the remote hi hat? *this question stumped me to heck when I gave the suggestion...
  16. k3ng

    Your hall of fame!

    I'm not talking about drummers that you would like to put up on your wall. I dunno about you guys, but I have this habit of keeping stuff that I've used or broken as medals or trophies or something. Broken sticks, broken skins, cracked cymbals.. I know all of this is junk, but I kinda like to...
  17. k3ng

    open handed - low hi hat - 16th beats

    Hey all I've encountered a problem with a student of mine. He's learning to play open handed with the hats on the left hand and has gotten accustomed to a rather low hi hat. It's about 2 inches or less above the top of the snare. Now I've started moving to 16 beat rhythms, especially the ones...
  18. k3ng

    Chick Corea on the drums

    I've never seen him play before. I've heard many stories of his drumming but never quite seen a vid. well. here's one and it's pretty cool. Check it out.
  19. k3ng

    loss of chops at high dynamics

    I was recently doing a session with a church camp a couple of days back. It was one of the first times I actually played in a really large hall. I mean really large.. this place was like 10 badminton courts big. The sound was insane and I have to say if it wasn't for the soundman, it would've...
  20. k3ng

    New students - old habits

    Once again another address to the teachers of Drummerworld. I have had several cases where I've had to take up certain students because their old teachers resigned or had conflicting schedules. Well I've come across a few examples where the previous teacher was obviously not very well trained...