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  1. Bernhard

    Frankie Dunlop

    I just added Frankie Dunlop to the Drummerworld Rooster: Check out this great drummer .. Bernhard
  2. Bernhard

    Cleaner Forum without Google ads...

    As we discussed already: Google doesn't like Drummerworld Forum Discussions. When we discuss beating (Drum-)Heads with Sticks - digging into (Drum-)head - Leave the head in the box : They call it: "language Violation" "Hate-Speech" "Dangerous or derogatory content" When i called for a review -...
  3. Bernhard

    Jason Sutter - Brushmaster

    Just added Jason Sutter to the Drummerworld Rooster: he works with Cher - Marilyn Manson - New York Dolls....
  4. Bernhard

    How to become a DRUMMERWORLD DRUMMER?

    This is asked many times and I try to give my points: In the past we had a Wishlist - with more than 1000 names on it... 1. No - the list is not limited to 500 drummers - there are about 520 - but i don't want a list of 1000 or more.... 2. In the past i had many direct contacts with the best...
  5. Bernhard

    Just added: Josh Freese - drumming with Sting

    Josh Freese: Josh Freese great drumming with STING : Message In A Bottle - Walking On The Moon here: ' enjoy! Bernhard
  6. Bernhard

    Bruce Becker

    Just added the great teacher Bruce Becker to the Drummerworld Rooster: Bernhard
  7. Bernhard

    All the best wishes....

    Hi friends I wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year. This year was good - the new layout works well and we have good control of spam. I hope next year is as good and yes: HAPPY POSTING Bernhard
  8. Bernhard

    Calvin Rodgers

    Just added Calvin Rodgers to the Drummerworld Rooster ... enjoy the Videos... l
  9. Bernhard

    Some glitches resolved:::

    a) the general view of the Profile Posts: IS GONE b) finding the newest post of a long thread on mobile is added: :
  10. Bernhard

    Post Order: Newest first or Oldest first???

    After the first day of implementing the new forum-software most members are happy with the new possibilities like embedding YouTube Videos.... But: In the old forum we had the possibility to change the order of posts: Newest first or Oldest first. In the new software there is ( the moment)...
  11. Bernhard

    New Forum

    The new Forum is up and running .... hope you like it when you get familiar...... Let me know your thoughts....thanks a lot. Bernhard
  12. Bernhard


    This Week the forum closes for some hours - and the new Xenforo Forum will be installed. There will be a mobile-friendly an nice layout. Look around and find out about some nice new features. Everything is saved from the old forum. Hope i works then as expected..... Bernhard
  13. Bernhard

    FORUM: Change

    Time has come and we decided to change the Forum Software... We go away from v-bulletin to Xenforo. The reason for not staying with v-bulletin is that their new products are not safe and filled with bugs.... AND THE BEST: the new forum WILL BE MOBILE FRIENDLY!! Some days..... enjoy...
  14. Bernhard

    Paulinho Da Costa: most recorded Percussionist of all time...

    What is the most recorded Percussionist of all time?: Paulinho da Costa - her worked and recorded with: Michael Jackson Quincy Jones Lionel Richie Earth, Wind & Fire The Rolling Stones The Commodores Pointer Sisters George Benson George Duke Herbie Hancock Ella Fitzgerald The Crusaders Chuck...
  15. Bernhard

    New Moderator

    The Moderator Team (Gruntersdad, Bermuda and Bernhard) asked Andy Crosby to join our team of moderators-administrators and fortunately he accepted. Now we have moderation in some more time zones.....We wish him all luck and hope, nobody is complicating his work....happy posting everybody...
  16. Bernhard

    Drum Lessons: Fills

    We rebrushed the Drummerworld FILLS page: 50 Cool Fills-Technique Lessons from Steve Gadd to Neil Peart, Gerald Heyward to Stanton Moore, Benny Greb to Todd Sucherman....check out and enjoy...
  17. Bernhard

    PLAY ALONG at Drummerworld...

    I'm just wondering if you all know the PLAY-ALONG section on Drummerworld. There is so much great stuff from Spencer Strand (Can you handle the test of time?) or from Tommy Igoe and so on. This page has less visitors compared to the other pages on Drummerworld. Let me know what i can...
  18. Bernhard

    Drummerworld YouTube award

    We received from YouTube Headquarters an award for having more than 100'000 subscribers on DRUMMERWORLD - signed by CEO Susan Wojcicki. Thank you all for your support and subscribing - means a lot.. Bernhard That's the channel:
  19. Bernhard

    Mario Duplantier

    Just added Mario Duplantier - drummer for GOJIRA to the Drummerworld-Rooster: great drumming - in my opinion.....enjoy the Videos....
  20. Bernhard

    Jimmy Vincent (Drummer for Louis Prima)

    Just added Jimmy Vincent to the Drummerworld Artist Rooster - the longtime drummer for Louis Prima and master of shuffles (Buona Sera / Just A Gigolo...) Check out the Videos and the Sounds....thanks and enjoy... Bernhard