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  1. The Shepherd

    R.I.P ☹️

    Damn, to me Blizzard of Ozz is THE heavy metal album. It's one of the few albums that I will listen to front to back without skipping any songs and it will always be in my collection. RIP Lee
  2. The Shepherd

    Best live bands.

    The last time The Beatles played live together in concert where you could get tickets was 1966.......
  3. The Shepherd

    Advice for a mum of 10 year old drummer

    Bass guitars come in short scale (30" neck) but have all the boom of a regular length bass (34" neck). Fender Mustangs, Epiphone Rumblekats and EB-0's, Ibanez Mikro Bass (28.6" neck) are all worth looking at if you decide that going bass is the way for him. BTW, without a bass player, jammimg...
  4. The Shepherd

    Newbie Looking for a Drum Kit

    There's tons of good beginner kits out there that people are selling used. Do a little surfing, do a little research here on beginner kits (tons of info here) and hopefully you can find someone that's moving or starving and grab a decent kit for cheap, cymbals included! I have a set of Pearl...
  5. The Shepherd

    Got nicknames?

    Bubbles, because my glasses are pretty thick and swear like this guy.
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  7. The Shepherd


    Only the best rock and roll song ever, Whole Lotta Rosie
  8. The Shepherd

    Anyone else playing Crush over here?

    Love that rootbeer flake!
  9. The Shepherd

    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    I love the drums but I'm a uke man first. I play drums at jams at my place as we usually don't have a drummer and you can't hear me over all the guys with their Teles and Strats. Here's a pic from the Canterbury Folk Festival.
  10. The Shepherd

    Easy pre-beginner song?

    Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones
  11. The Shepherd

    Dream Band: Legends or Pros and You Behind The Drums

    Joe Walsh - Lead guitar / vocals Jeff Lynne - Rhythm guitar / vocals Paul McCartney - Bass / vocals Elton John - Piano / vocals
  12. The Shepherd

    I Can't Drum Today Because...

    I was called out on a trouble call last night and got home at 2am. Once I got up it was straight back to work so I'm dragging my arse a bit today. Too tired for drumming.
  13. The Shepherd

    Customize the Jam Session of Your Dreams

    George Harrison, lots of great tunes to choose from and a wonderful person.
  14. The Shepherd

    Drum set you have never tried but would love to .

    Ludwig Vistalite set in Bonham sizes complete with interior LED lighting, smoke machines and lasers!
  15. The Shepherd

    What do you hear when it's silent?

    I have to sleep with a fan going. If I have no white noise at night I can't sleep at all because of the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in my ears. Last time I had a hearing check at work they said I've lost a fair amount of hearing, mostly in the range covering human speech. I wear hearing protection while...
  16. The Shepherd

    Socially distanced jams

    We tried one on Saturday in a friends backyard. It was an acoustic jam and with everyone spaced about 8 feet apart in a big circle, I couldn't hear anyone play except for the guy on my left. It made it hard for me to follow along and hear for changes and stuff. Next time they plug in or I'm...
  17. The Shepherd

    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    That's the band I was going to go with.
  18. The Shepherd

    Loudest Concert

    Kiss in Toledo Ohio on the Hot in the Shade Tour. It was a smallish hockey arena yet they managed to fit speakers from floor to ceiling along the back wall and across the seating. I couldn't hear anything when I left there and had ringing in my ears for almost a week afterwards.
  19. The Shepherd

    Suggestions on cover songs

    Airbourne, they sound just like AC/DC. BTW, the video rocks!
  20. The Shepherd

    New Heads NEWBIE!!

    Changing the heads out, both reso and batter and tuning them properly is the easiest way to get your drum kit sounding much better. As for which heads, that's all up to your ears. There are lots of websites out there which explain head choices with sound clips. If that doesn't help, stick with...