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  1. hyruleherojoe

    Calf Cramping

    So lately when I play, either at practice or live show, my tibialis anterior cramps up. Its the muscle in your shins. It starts burning and playing the bass drum becomes extremely painful. I play primarily heel-toe. Any tips or advice? Been playing for ten years relatively pain free. I suspect...
  2. hyruleherojoe

    Robotic Arm to give Drummers a boost! Check this out! I think it's pretty neat in terms of music merging with technology. What do you guys want to do with an extra arm?
  3. hyruleherojoe

    Check out this Drum lesson I made. Need some feedback!

    Hey guys, I haven't posted up a video for a while. In order to drum up some traffic to our youtube page, my vocalist came up with the idea of making quick drum lesson videos to get some hits. I know this has been done to death so much! I'm not trying to be the next Jared Falk or Adam Tuminaro...
  4. hyruleherojoe

    Custom made Earbuds in 60 seconds? Discuss!

    Here is a link on a supposed app that designs a custom ear bud within a minute! Could this be a huge hit for us drummers?
  5. hyruleherojoe

    Advice needed! Spare me some knowledge DW!

    Hey guys/gals! Love this forum for its great fountain of collective knowledge. Got a call from my bandmate Saturday telling me that he's going away for a bit and asked if I could substitute his drum students. He teaches at a local music store covering various instruments. He knows the basics...
  6. hyruleherojoe

    Grand jury indicts Journey drummer Deen Castronovo on rape, sex abuse allegations As the title states! Discuss!
  7. hyruleherojoe

    Ludwig Supralite Test and Groove

    Hey guys! So as per my other thread, just recently bought a Ludwig Supralite in a 14 x 6.5" configuration. Here is a clip of me jamming out a bit on it. Any comments or questions welcomed!!
  8. hyruleherojoe

    I believe!!!

    So I'm out on a date with the lovely girlfriend. Strolling around Manhattan looking at shops and stuff for her. After shopping for hours she turns to me and says we can go into Guitar Center since I've good to her the whole day. YAAYY ME! So I make a beeline straight to the drum section. Made a...
  9. hyruleherojoe

    Lots of new Happenings! (first drum lesson!!)

    OK so it's been a while since I posted anything here. Still lurk everyday! So as some people may know I've been playing drums for 8 years now and never had a lesson. There were a lot of lesson related posts and it convinced me that its NEVER a bad idea to take some lessons. After many months of...
  10. hyruleherojoe

    Should I be upset? Would you be upset? Watch video. (Warning, big mistake in my playing)

    OK so here is a video a friend of mine recorded! Its one of my bands song we played during a mini tour. Skip to the end (3:46 mark) if you dont wanna see my rushed playing and massive stick drop. My question is this. If your lead singer did what...
  11. hyruleherojoe

    Meet Mike Portnoy. Embarrassing moment.

    OK so Ill give it to you in detail! If it's too long just skip to the bottom text I'm in Philly with my band about to play at The Legendary Dobbs. On the bill is Mike Portnoy's kid band. His son is named Max. So I go in set up drums, work with an amazing stage manager and just mill around. I...
  12. hyruleherojoe

    Savior Custom Snare Sale!

    Hey guys! I know there was a thread on Pork Pie Hip Pig snare sale much thanks to the poster. Now there's a Savior custom snare sale! $185 flat for a surprise custom snare either a 14" or 13". Not sure of the depth but I bought just for kicks. Check out their website...
  13. hyruleherojoe

    Guitar Center Score

    Just scored a used DW 5000 double pedal for $100! wooh! From the pic it looked like its in excellent condition. I already have a tam iron cobra double pedal but my drive shaft bent out of shape and broke. Anyone have the 5000 db pedal? tips and advice would be welcomed! p.s theres another...
  14. hyruleherojoe

    One slipped through the cracks!!!!

    So that thread? How do we flag it? The one with pictures of the sea? Bermuda? Arky? Guntersdad?? anyone? I clicked on it while at work!! I'm definitely s@#t scared I'm gonna get fired.
  15. hyruleherojoe

    I'm taking the plunge! Drum lessons

    Hey all! Alright so short and sweet! I've been playing drums for 8 years. Within that time I've done studio work, gigs, and festivals. All fine and dandy right? Reading this wonderful forum, Ive learned that its never too late to take lessons. So thats what I'm going to do! This decision has...
  16. hyruleherojoe

    Any cymbal Stack recommendations?

    Hey all! I'm looking to make a cymbal stack! Something thats about 14-16 inches, since thats probably the sweet spot. I currently use all Meinl cymbals so would like to keep it there but you can mention any other ones! I've tried experimenting with 18 inch cymblas but I've had no success. They...
  17. hyruleherojoe

    Weird symptoms before a show

    Hello everyone, OK so I'll cut to the cheese here. The day of a show i get this unusual symptom. Every time I even think about performing in the next few hours I get gas and the urge to go. It starts with me being excited and picturing in my head that everything will go smoothly. I see in my...
  18. hyruleherojoe

    Sneeze dilema

    OK so not one to start debates. I work in an office full of cubicles. Being the semi new guy I try to be courteous and respectful at all times. Its hard to do that when I sneeze and they say the usual "God bless you." I don't say anything in response. My job place has many religious people and...
  19. hyruleherojoe

    Need some ideas/info

    OK guys so I currently have two sets. PDP x7 and PDP concept maple 7 Piece. I'm looking to sell one off to buy a more upscale "pro" kit. Now here's my idea that I would like some input on. The PDP X7 is made out of POPLAR wood. These were pre-2009 if I'm not mistaken. My question is what wood...
  20. hyruleherojoe

    Band practice, New song idea!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I have posted up anything here. So this is just a practice of a song idea we have. In this song I'm finally doing that hi hat bark with just my left foot. Took me a long time to get used to it and I'm still working on it! Soon I'll be able to pull out awesome...