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  1. Silver’n’Smac

    Mid-to-upper level Double Bass Pedal Comparison

    Hey everyone, I was getting set to buy new Tama Speed Cobra 910 double pedals but RonCadillac (another member) provided me with some super helpful feedback so I'm looking for something that will better suit my needs/skill level. I'm 50 years old and while I'm athletic enough, I'm no spring...
  2. Silver’n’Smac

    Tama Speed Cobra 910 double bass pedals

    A big investment that I am getting ready to make is on a set of Tama Speed Cobra 910 double bass pedals. I negotiated a deal with Sweetwater for brand new ones for $432 (after tax & shipping). That seems to also be a great deal but they’re on back order and won’t arrive until September or...
  3. Silver’n’Smac

    Good deal on New Beat Hats?

    Hi all, I’ve never owned Zildjian New Beat cymbals before and am looking to get some for as an auxiliary pair. The eBay offer below seems to be a very good price for these, yeah? I’d like to make sure I’m not overpaying. They’re essentially new. Thanks.
  4. Silver’n’Smac

    AAX Hats vs X-Celerator for X-Hat Setup

    I already have 14” AAX Stage hats for my predominant side and I’m now wanting to get an X-Hat setup for double bass play. To change it up a bit, I’m looking at 13” instead of 14” and either the X-Celerators or another make of Sabian’s AAX line (fast hats, xplosion, etc). Recommendations...
  5. Silver’n’Smac

    X-Hat setup

    Hi there - I consider myself somewhere between a beginner and intermediate in terms of skill set. My kit is a 6 piece Tama Silverstar birch kit with mostly AAX cymbals and an old pair of Iron Cobra double bass pedals (see attached pics for setup). I’m really new to double bass playing and...