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  1. Ghawk

    Yamaha HexRack weight

    Has anyone used the HexRack? I'm thinking of getting one for my kit but I'll only be putting two crashes and two toms on it, so trying to figure if it will be worth it. It's made from aluminium so I expect it to weigh less than other racks, not sure if it would weigh less than two heavy duty...
  2. Ghawk

    RocknRoller carts

    Hello Anyone use the RockNRoller carts? I was thinking of getting one. Any recommendations on what size cart to get? Any negatives? Thanks
  3. Ghawk

    Restoring old Pearl Free Floating?

    Hello, hope you're well. I have this Pearl Free Floating Brass 14x3.5 There's a lot of pitting to rims and shell. I was hoping to clean these up, make it look presentable again. Is this possible to do? Or should I get new rims? Thanks
  4. Ghawk

    What should I upgrade to?

    Hi all, I'm new here I've decided it's time to upgrade my old 90s Pearl to something nicer looking and sounding. I'm willing to spend up to £2000 and will be using it for mostly recording and a few gigs here and there. Maybe a Yamaha Tour Custom or Pearl Masters? Really not sure what to get...